BenQ Launches W1600UST 100” Home Projection System in India

BenQ, a Display Expert from Taiwan and innovator in home entertainment projectors has launched the W1600UST in India.

The W1600UST is BenQ’s first projector specifically designed for elite families who wants to enjoy larger than life screen right in their living rooms with lights switched on and who are seeking new heights in living room entertainment.

Ambient Light is the big Problem for all the traditional projection system. No matter how bright the traditional projector is, any ambient light in the room is going to wash out the image. One can’t really enjoy watching in the traditional system without the shades up and lights off. With the traditional system forget about watching TV with the shades up, or the lights on. You need absolute light control system in your room. Also the projector is kept at a distance hence there is fear of obstruction and installation complexities with basic requirement of a large space for Projection system setup.

BenQ W16000UST ultra short throw projector gives you freedom from these problems and allows you to enjoy 100” screen in your living room which can be watched any time of day. This projector blends beautifully into modern décor without unsightly cables, becoming an everyday multimedia hub for family movies, TV watching, Games, Live Performances, Sporting events and Learning etc. Custom-matched to W1600UST, its 100” Ambient Light Reflection screen offers vivid picture quality across its expansive size, delivering the experience of four 50 inch LED TVs put together, all in a simple single screen that simply amazes you when it lights up.

The BenQ W1600UST sports a clear 1080p full HD resolution and a 100” ambient light reflection screen. The specialized 100” ambient light reflection screen employs a special zigzag structure to absorb 93% of environmental light, so families can enjoy bright entertainment in living rooms without having to turn down the head lighting.

Ultra-Short Throw Freedom: The BenQ W1600UST produces supersized images just inches away from the screen and requires no complicated installation or cable runs. It also doesn’t need to be put away after use thanks to ultra-short throw.

Special Screen for Movies in Bright Light: W1600UST’s revolutionary advanced Ambient Light Reflection screen employs a special zigzag structure to absorb 93% of environmental light, so families can enjoy bright entertainment in living rooms without turning the lights down.

Eye-Friendly Reflected Image: Normally, emissive light shooting out of self-illuminating LED TVs can be full of hazardous blue light and fatiguing flicker. But the W1600UST’s projection technology, however, viewed images are reflected on the screen to safeguard the viewer for longer viewing sessions.

Wide Compatibility & Connectivity Option: Multiple HDMI ports, AV Inputs and MHL capability helps families to enjoy Full HD content with input device by their choice; be it Blu rays, game consoles, laptops, tablets or smartphone.

SmartEco Optimization: An exclusive BenQ innovation, SmartEco Technology perfects DLP’s energy saving capabilities, simultaneously delivering uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life with reduced lamp usage.

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India said, “Our aim in India has always been to make more advancements in home cinema projection technology and give our consumers the ultimate experiences. With the W1600UST, BenQ is providing the ultimate solution for consumers that seek fantastic cinematic viewing in lit up environment within the comforts of their own homes.”

The W1600UST Ultra Short Throw Projector is available for Rs. 300000 pan India.