Fabulous Sound: SoundBot Review – Premium Bluetooth Touch Control Speaker

Fabulous Sound: Special reviews – the SoundBot Experience | ChannelDrive.in

SoundBot, a California-based lifestyle audio and accessories brand has recently launched its all new metallic finish, stylish, SB521- HD Premium Bluetooth, high-performance wireless speaker. This product adds to the style quotient of your surroundings and delivers fabulous sound.

This next generation-ready, slick, stylish and alluring gadget is perfect for both indoors and outdoors usage. The SB521- delivers music which is quite good and dynamic, suited for the millennial audiophile who loves to move seamlessly within home, outdoors and nature.

One of the biggest feature of this product is the fact that it – comes with 1500mAH built in battery for 6 hours of non-stop playback time.

The SB521- gives the music lover an exhilarating experience with dynamic sound quality, solid performance, and can connect to all gadgets in the house, android, apple, and MP4 and MP3 and offers an immersive listening experience.

This stylish metallic coloured fashionable device will build up the party in any place with its dual membrane of 5W + 5W HD loudspeakers on both ends of speaker to reproduce potent bass, dynamic mid-range and crispy high notes.

It comes with a unique design element –  with a one of its kind premium stainless steel brush metallic finish with a passive subwoofer on both ends for active usage for those who love spending time in both nature and indoor.

SoundBot’s SB521- is the perfect speaker for those who love to explore and travel and the passive subwoofer transports the listeners with exquisite unparalleled music quality. The speaker is available for purchase from the online (Amazon.in) and offline counters.

Aptly priced at INR 2990 – this ‘Fabulous Sound’ device is a great option for gifting in this festive season.