India’s Channel Associations Uniting to Launch ‘Online ICT Marketplace’

In their bid to thwart the challenge being put forward by the fast emergence of an array of online trading platforms, most of the leading channel community associations in India are set to converge and unite to create a unique “Online ICT Marketplace”.  

According to a media communication sent out by PCAIT (Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology), Channel Associations in New Delhi, West Bengal and Odissa and CIITA (Confederation of Indian IT Associations) had a meeting in New Delhi on 26 June 2014 at Nehru Place the hub of IT trading activity in the NCR, to discuss the future course of action on this issue.


As a way to counter the threat to the welfare of channel community and people associated with this community from ongoing online trading platforms, IT associations are set to create a unique online ICT marketplace that will leverage on their extensive presence and direct relationships with end customers.

“All the leaders present agreed that despite differences in opinion and ICT Associations diverse interest groups within channel associations, the time has come for all Associations to stand united in order to safe guard lakhs of jobs and to ensure the survival of business of the members which has taken years of hard work to create and sustain,” the media communication added.

Leadership of CMDA , ADCTA , PCAIT , COMPASS, ITA, CIITA representing 7 other associations in the EAST agreed to work together towards a common cause of competing with the e-commerce market places which have disrupted the business of the channels.

Associations present unanimously agreed that eCommerce cannot be stopped and the channels have to adapt and blend into the same without disrupting lakhs of livelihood. The UNITY of Associations provides immense strength and collective bargaining power to all members in the ICT trade and the best way forward is to create a trusted market place for ourselves and customers which will compete with all other marketplaces in the industry and provide a level playing field for all participants in the eco system.

The way forward!

It was unanimously decided that a conclave of all Associations in the ICT business from all over the country will be organised in New Delhi on August 2, 2014. Representatives from all associations will be engaged in discussing the way forward for which suggestions and recommendations are invited from all associations / members prior to the conclave.

The conclave will also take appropriate decisions on the short term and medium term objectives which will be articulated in the next few days in consultation with all associations who proactively participate in coming up with the strategy.

It was also decided that all members present will work very closely with their network to ensure that all associations in the country are represented. It was unanimously resolved that this vision will be pursued by the members present to unite all associations despite any past and future differences amongst themselves.

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