CommunicAsia 2017: Portugal’s ITSector set to strengthen partnerships in Asia!

Portugal based ITSector is all set to participate at CommunicAsia2017 in Singapore and the company is looking forward to strengthen its alliances and partnerships ecosystem in Asia.

Established in 2005, ITSector is a Portuguese Software Development Company created to provide the IT Market with high value solutions.

The ITSector Group is currently composed of five companies, including ebankIT (an omnichannel banking company), Bitmaker and ITSector Mozambique.

Focused on strengthening commercial ties with Africa, ITSector has formed a strategic partnership with CPC África.

As part of its participation in CommunicAsia 2017 – ITSector will introduce its INNOVATIVE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and CREDIT SOLUTIONS that can provide enterprise segment with the necessary tools to outshine competition and to provide clients the best offers available in the market.

ITSector is committed to supply its customers with solutions that generate a real and meaningful impact on society and to become pioneer in specialized technological solutions.

ITSector is a dynamic software development company that has currently more than 350 employees and that embraced, in the last year, more than 200 projects for clients located all over the world.

Recently, the company opened its 10th office and it’s now located in 7 different countries: Portugal, UK, Poland, Germany, Angola, Mozambique and Kenya.