Computex 2017: ECS Elitegroup Talks on ‘Make in India’ and Innovation

By Zia Askari | in Taipei

Focusing its efforts on Motherboards and Mini PC segment – Taiwan’s ECS Elitegroup is accelerating its efforts towards initiating the company’s “Make in India” effort. The company’s innovative Mini PC offering has gained a lot of momentum in the recent past and the future looks bright!

Speaking on the way company is bringing innovation to the market and its “Make in India” plans – Rajshekhar Bhatt, India Country Manager, Sales Division, Channel Business Unit, ECS Elitegroup, informed, “Make in India is a great initiative by the government of India and this is definitely on our mind now. We are evaluating potential of making our products in India. This would be great for us an organization and our whole channel ecosystem as well. We have not finalized it, but we are moving towards achieving this. “

Talking on the company’s channel strategy for India, Rajshekhar explained, “Rashi Peripherals is our sole distributor and they have presence in about 52 locations. They have been our national distributor as well as our service partner, so this is giving us a great convenience and business flexibility,” he added.

When it comes to innovations – the company’s Mini PC is delivering great innovative value to its customers – in an eco-friendly manner. “We have worked on two aspects of driving innovation around energy savings and getting a noise-free product. We have designed the product in a way that it consumes less power. We firmly believe that power saved in one way, is equivalent to power being provided in other remote areas. And our Mini PC is completely noise-free so that is another innovation that we are bringing to the market,” he added.

As part of its participation at COMPUTEX 2017, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) – is exhibiting its latest innovations including the Smart Campus Solutions, Robotic Development Kits, LIVA Mini PC, Education Laptop, Tablet, and Motherboards.

Cloud Sensor Technologies for Smart Campus Management

ECS’s Smart Campus Solution (CAMPLUS), CAMPLUS Sensor Tracking Wearables can be placed in Smart Bracelets starting by tracking students locations throughout the campus. The Sensor Tracking CAMPLUS consists of Five Major Service Modules – 1.Student Attendance Management Module 2.Student Placement Module 3.Safety Monitoring Module 4.Classroom Learning Management Module 5.Library Management Module.

These Five Features spawn an information grid, integrating analysis dashboard that Graphically Presents the Service Information gathering through the Five Modules. In addition, aiming for Comprehensive Campus Service, this solution can prepare dedicated key information analysis, summary page for students and school managers. The data can also facilitate the resource management in the schools and the cross-platform learning for students at same time.

Elitegroup Computer System has been implementing Smart Campus Solutions gradually around the World, and with great success in Deepening the Learning Experience, also raising the Quality of Teaching.

Locally in Taiwan, Lize Primary School of Yilan County, was one of the First Schools to Deploy ECS CAMPLUS Solution and immediately received wide praise for refreshing the teaching activities with latest technological advances. With the help of ECS CAMPLUS, the school has successfully infused the Smart Campus solution into the classroom and fostered the autonomy of students’ learning.

Teachers are enabled to Design Better Courses and Teaching Methods to Raise the Students’ Passions and Efficiency.

Robotic Development Kits in Full Launch Mode!

The Revolutionary Industry 4.0 Development has created Smart Factories to Save Labor and Cost, Solving the Four Major Issues: 1.Insufficient and Shrinking Human Labor Force 2.Rising Material cost. 3. Shortening of Product and Service Life Cycles. 4. The Rapid Changes of Various Requirements also to promote the Full Coherence between the Demand-Oriented Value Chain and Industrial Chain.

The transformation of the manufacturing process is moving from traditional mass production to mass customization, along with the business model is to consumer-centric C2B (Consumer-to-Business) model. Eyeing on the trend, ECS marches into the Industry 4.0 era with its solution: Robot Development Kit. As ECS’s first step into the Robotic Industry Chain, the development kit is designed for Service-Oriented Robotic Developments, providing the most indispensable “Logical Thinking Kernel” for the “Smart Machine Carrier”. It introduces the standardized design, allowing customers to quickly merge it into their final products. All while maintaining the flexible customization to meet the different needs of various fields.

Mini PC brings Elegances to digital life, Size Does Matter!

Elitegroup Computer has introduced the New Generation of LIVA Z mini PCs at the Computex! Designed with stylish hi-tech elegant appearance, truly makes it a graceful living room appliance.

The all new LIVA Z Mini PC, with beautifully crafted Palm Size Body, Housing a Ultra-Thin High Performance Dual Lan Single Board Computer that can Fully Meet the daily digital usage in 4K / UHD high quality playback. It is completely silent yet visually perfect, making it the ideal home entertainment center.

On the other hand, the family series LIVA ZE mini PC, adopts the smart dual hard drive module in its design and is able support additional 2.5-inch HDD/SSD with its already onboard M.2 SSD in the same time. Not only the users are able to expand the storage efficiently for all the treasured photo and important data, it also extend 4 additional Com (RS232) for Industrial/Commercial /Educational use.

ECS, Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987. In recent years, ECS’s main focus has expanded from motherboards to All-in-One PCs, notebook computers, Mini PC and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to developing cutting-edge technology in order to create innovative products under environmentally friendly designs.