COMPUTEX 2017: Gaming Drives to Boost PC Market

Computex 2017 is all set to put spotlight on gaming and how it is poised to provide a much needed boost to the PC market.

The booming of mobile devices such as smartphones has fundamentally changed PC buyers’ habits and set the PC market into a steady slump in recent years.

According to Gartner, PC shipments continue to decline each year since 2012, while gaming PCs continue to show growth with shipments expected to reach 8.7 million in 2020 (up from 6 million in 2015), accounting for 13% of total consumer PCs.

Gaming is not only a key sales driver in the post-PC era but also a growth momentum for the entire sector. For the first time in history, COMPUTEX 2017 is featuring gaming & virtual reality (VR) as one of its five themes and setting up a dedicated “Gaming & VR” area on the exhibition floor, bringing nearly 60 manufacturers from around the world such as Acer, ASUS, Cooler Master, G.SKILL, GIGABYTE, IN WIN, MSI, Thermaltake, ZOTAC, and more to demonstrate the comprehensive gaming ecosystem.

“The rise of eSports tournaments and the increase of public attention have made gaming more than just a leisure activity,” said TAITRA President, Walter Yeh. “Gaming has become an important ecosystem with significant impact on the development of technology industry. While gamers are trying to make the most out of their gaming experience, the overall PC industry also benefits from the boom of gaming-related products. And as more and more manufacturers are eyeing opportunities of the immersive experience that VR provides, they are investing on the development of innovative applications. At COMPUTEX, we hope to provide a comprehensive platform to facilitate further transformation of the gaming supply chain so that they can bring the gaming environment and experience into a whole new era.”

Gamers’ Crave for Extreme Performance Injects New Momentum into PC Component Supply Chain

The emergence of gaming sector has driven PC component makers to start focusing on high-end consumer products for better profit margins. As more gamers build their own unique gear with DIY components, PC component makers will enjoy new market opportunities.

Reliability, speed, and performance are what gamers care most and also what exhibitors’ products are striving to demonstrate at COMPUTEX. In addition to the usual accessories, gamers also care about and prefer to choose their own motherboards, memory modules, and graphics cards as they build their one-of-a-kind gaming gear.

To meet the extreme demand of speed and performance in competitive gaming, exhibitors like G.SKILL, Intel, NVIDIA, and SUPERMICO are offering products with ultimate setups to provide fast, smooth, and stable gaming performance.

PC Components Benefit from Accelerated Lifecycle of Gaming Gear

In addition to ultimate performance, gamers also want total immersion in their gaming experience. They invest heavily on accessories and upgrade or replace their hardware equipment more frequently.

Gamers look for cool designs, extremely fast response time, and deeply immersed experiences when they shop for gaming gear. In recent years, vendors like Acer, ASUS, Cooler Master, GIGABYTE, IN WIN, MSI, Thermaltake and ZOTAC continue to release flagship product lines to address such needs as high-precision durable mice, crystal-clear vivid displays, high-definition audio devices, water-cooling panoramic tower chassis, lighting accessories, and more. Not only do they appeal to gamers’ crave for performance, but they also provide an audio & visual feast on their senses.

COMPUTEX 2017 will be held from May 30 through June 3 (InnoVEX exhibition runs from May 30 through June 1). The “Gaming & VR” exhibit area located at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 will feature hardware manufacturers of motherboards, chassis, cooling systems, and more from around the world.

COMPUTEX Modding Challenge – CyberMods, a global modding competition, will be held at Light Gallery on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. Meanwhile, Zotac Cup Masters, a world-class eSports tournament, will be collocated on the 4th floor, hosting DOTA2 finals with live broadcasts.

COMPUTEX is working with global eSports tournaments to showcase the diverse potential and earning models of eSports, as they help shape a new future for the PC industry.