Daiwa 40” Smart TV Review – Delivering the Smart Experience

Daiwa 40” Smart TV Review | ChannelDrive.in 

Daiwa has recently announced its 40” android TV series in India. Daiwa is not a new brand – the company is a part of Videotex International, a 32-year-old organization that is well entrenched in the Indian market and manufactures for a majority of leading brands.

Daiwa launched its range of TVs, 32” SMART TV, 32” 1 HDMI 1 USB HD Ready TV, 32” 2 HDMI 2 USB HD Ready television and 40” Full HD TV in the Indian market. We have reviewed the 40” smart TV.

With an aim to enable mass availability of its product line, the company has launched its product range at an array of online portals. All its TV variants deliver a unique promise of putting smart technology, innovation, quality and cost for its customers.

One of the biggest point of attraction for this brand is the way it is pricing these products in the market. Almost all of these launched TVs are nearly half the price of similar products that are available in the market from other competing brands.

While review the product, we realized the fact that Daiwa delivers more value for money to customers in the form of delivering a perfect convergent product that is ideal for entertainment – as well as sharing knowledge among a family.

Daiwa 40” smart TV is ideal to experience internet in a unique manner – where basic set-top box content can be viewed in a better manner, gaming can be taken to the next level and TV viewing can be a totally different experience with sharper images.

Daiwa 40” Full HD TV: Offers Great Value to Customers
This is a true smart TV that offers viewing experience in today’s changing scenario where – customers look for a converged device that can let them move swiftly on the digital realm of Internet as well as let them view TV content.

Perfect Gaming Experience

This smart TV comes with HRDP Technology that let’s you enjoy clearer and crispier scenes even while playing fast-moving games by achieving an incredibly low input lag time of just 8ms, making it the perfect TV for your favorite games.

USB-to-USB Data Transfer

With this true smart TV, one can share pictures, videos and favorite songs in one go without a computer. The amazing new USB to USB copy feature allows you to transfer the same with just one simple click from your remote.

And most importantly this TV is completely Indian and is being manufactured by the company owned, fully automated plant in Greater Noida. When it comes to delivering services to its customers – Daiwa is offering free installation and demo at the doorstep of its customers across the country.


This Smart TV by Daiwa is being offered at INR 22,990.