Disruptions and Innovations: Why COMPUTEX is so Special?

By Zia Askari | ChannelDrive.in

What we can expect from this year’s biggest computing show

Computex 2017 is coming up next week in Taipei, and all the big brands in the computing space and all technologists in the computing arena will head towards Taipei, Taiwan.

This event has grown over the past years and developed as a numero uno destination when it comes to desktop, laptop and components you’ll want to buy.

Here’s what we can expect to witness from the biggest computing companies planning to showcase in Taipei next week, from May 30 through June 3.

The growth and prosperity of all economies, remains highly dependent on entrepreneurial activity in that economy – and Taiwan as a nation has done great in this space. Firmly entrenched on global scale – Taiwanese companies such as Asus, Acer, Asus, Aten, BenQ, D-Link, Foxconn and the list goes on – have created big examples of success on global turf.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of economic growth — they provide a source of income and employment for themselves, create employment for others, produce new and innovative products or services, and drive greater upstream and downstream value-chain activities.

Events like Computex in Taipei – have played a critical role in terms of highlighting the importance of innovation in society and also bringing together a springboard for success to these companies.

What we can expect from various vendors participating at this year’s Computex –


Acer will focusing towards showcasing its Nitro 5 gaming laptop as well as its Acer Spin 1 2-in-1 laptop and new Android tablets with Quantum Dot displays.


AMD can showcase its first Vega graphics cards. Computex 2017 can be an ideal platform to showcase the power of not only Vega GPUs, but the all new Threadripper CPUs as well.


Asus is set to focus on both its core, eponymous brand and its gaming brand, Republic of Gamers (ROG) – while showcasing its latest innovations.

Disruptions and Innovations

Whether it is high end gaming, or showcase around artificial intelligence, experiencing next level of computational devices to getting immersed inside augmented reality – this year’s Computex in Taipei will hold great experiences for users across various industries and segments.