“CIOs need to lead enterprise into the future”

After having worked with a myriad set of technologies and applications, Charu Verma is an experienced independent researcher who has worked on global technology implementations, on first hand basis. In an exclusive interaction with ChannelDrive.in, she speaks about the technological landscape and how it is changing the enterprise efficiency ahead.

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Q) A CIO is today looked upon as a big change agent. Enterprise community is now expecting big transformation from CIOs or IT leaders. How can a CIO move into this direction and succeed?

CIO’s of today, influence the way organizations operate and transform through the new concepts inspired by technological advancements. They are in a unique position to align people, process, business strategy and technology to enhance governance, cross functional collaboration and achieve higher productivity. They need to be the business process optimization experts thereby bringing in creative ways of competing in the global marketplace.

Contemporary CIOs should be capable of transforming enterprises from delivery arm, to strategy maker, from support organization to innovator and more importantly he/she should enable IT teams from being overhead to growth engine.

In summary, CIOs need to lead their companies into “Future” – they need to be on the forefront of changes and enhance predictability of the business eco system.

Q) How do you look at the changing IT scenario today? What are some of the technologies that are making sense to you?

Few years back, we used to fulfill business needs as and when it used to appear. Look at the evolution of IT Departments of today, we not only fulfill business needs faster but also ensure higher productivity at low cost, we can now proactively reach out to our prospects, understand & serve our customers in a better manner. Apart from all we are better equipped to integrate people, processes with the business core in a more flexible and effective manner than ever before. We must appreciate cutting edge technologies like CRM or ERP, Advance Business Intelligence, mobile collaboration & cloud based services. These technologies have enabled virtual workplace, collaborative methods for the new age tech savvy business users who want to conduct the business in an innovative manner.

 Q) Please list top three technologies that you think have got great future ahead?

Well, I have no bias for any technology as such. It varies according to the task I have in my mind. As we speak, I am doing a lot to improve TCO of our existing IT environment, virtualization of our software apps is other big ticket items I own. Both the above are pushing my organization towards a major change. Hence, my area of interests today, are – Cloud Based Services, Virtualization, Mobility, Cross Team, Cross Country Collaboration.

Q) What is your mantra to move up the value chain in your career?

“Think Ahead”. We have to be a step ahead then others- always. It helps us retain competitive edge and differentiate us as a leader in the rapid moving technology world.

“Go for Excellence – I believe in nothing less than excellence that too within specified timelines.

“Build Successful Team” Nothing could be done without having a team which is motivated and empowered to own & deliver the desired results.

 Q) How many flavors of cloud have you personally worked upon?

From Iaas to SaaS, I am fortunate enough to get exposed to almost everything that an IT Organization would need through cloud.

Q) How can IT lead the change in an organisation today?

IT team could be the “Change Agents” if they are able to change their perception from being a “Service Provider” department to become a “Partner in Business”.  IT plays an active role right from bringing in the new business to getting it delivered successfully. Also it could help businesses adopt new ways of collaborating with customers, partners as well as vendors – social media, mobile technology, cloud based services are a few names to take.

New generation CIO’s are making IT team to move out from being merely a back office function and become a customer facing function. It is getting driven through innovation in sales and operations departments through cutting edge IT tools.

 Q) How do you unwind when you are not working?

Well; going out for a movie, followed by dinner with family is thoroughly relaxing for me. However spending quality time with my little daughter is something that I never miss. Yes; I do engage with some social work quite regularly.