“We are looking to expand our reach to several geographies this year”

An interaction with BPE | Channeldrive.in

BPE offers the unique combination of best in class service and state of the art Uninterruptible Power Solution. With its headquarters in Noida, the company has strategically expanded itself step by step, year after year, by providing power solutions for IT, Industrial & Critical equipment, telecom, data centers & electro-medical gadgets. The company is actively looking forward to expanding its geographical reach.

Saptarshi Paul, Sales Director – India& SAARC, BPE speaks with Zia Askari from ChannelDrive.in about the company’s current future and how it is targeting the Indian market.

How do you look at the emerging online UPS market in India?

It is evident that the power sector is most critical to fuel the economic growth of India and to keep up with the growing demand and keeping the pace of economic development, availability of uninterrupted power supply is a must. With the limited supply and overwhelming demand in the power sector, the Indian UPS market is witnessing unprecedented growth. According to a Frost & Sullivan report, the UPS industry in India is estimated to reach US $ 828.2 million by 2018. The UPS market in India is currently dependent on low & medium range UPS systems (up to 60 KVA) constituting for over half of the total UPS market.

We look forward to this abundance of opportunities that this sector provides us and with our latest products we are fully prepared to serve our customers with the quality service and best in class products that caters to industry requirements.

Tell us about BPE’s offerings in this segment? 

We are living in the age where power failure can pose a huge damage to any organization, keeping in mind the requirement of always-on technology, BPE has an extensive product range of UPS from 600VA to 800KVA and paralleled to go up to 8000KVA. Our product line consists of Line interactive UPS, Online UPS single phase O/P, Online UPS three phase O/P and rack mount UPS which is suitable for the requirements of all sizes of industries.

The company has recently launched the new GTC series Level UPS- please share some unique features of this product?

At BPE, we always strive hard to serve the best to our customers, and our latest offering GTC series is a testimony of our efforts in the right direction. GTC series LEVEL UPS is ideal for all sizes of industrial power requirements looking to achieve lower costs and savings on operational ongoing with greater flexibility and shorter deployment schedules.

The GTC series LEVEL UPS is a modular, three-phase, double conversion uninterruptible power supply system which provides operating efficiencies as high as 96.5 percent even at half load. It also covers power ranges from 120 kVA to 800 kVA with an output power factor of 1.0, which helps reduce complexity when specifying power protection.

The GTC series LEVEL UPS comes with true three level IGBT PWM rectifier & inverter technology, which provide high-grade uninterrupted electric power supply to suit the demand of various sectors.

What are the target verticals for BPE in India and what is your go to market strategy?

Since inception in 2000, BPE is one of the most reliable and trusted brand among Indian enterprises. We are currently witnessing a growing demand for UPS solutions in IT and ITeS, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), government, manufacturing, telecom and energy sectors.

BPE provides innovative UPS power solutions for every market segment – IT, Industrial, Telecom, Banking & Financial, Retail, Medical, Data Centers.

Our GTM is clearly to address the growing enterprise space in India. We have best of breed products and solutions for the enterprises with a solid and time proven in-country advance service requirements.

In what ways is BPE creating value for channel partners. Can you share the names of your key channel partners?

Channel is one of the most important pillars for our growth. We are dedicated to provide our partners with the most competitive products and services along with high-end support, best resources and incentives. We are currently working with a variety of partners – a mix of system integrators, electrical partners and resellers.

We have two national distributors: Ingram Micro and Iris Computers, who have helped us to reach out to various partners across the length and breadth of the larger market.

How BPE is different from its competitors? can you elaborate.

BPE’s whole product line is BIS certified and over the period of 17 years the company has been recognized as one of the most trusted Indian company in the power domain for online UPS solutions. The ability to address customer’s issues while meeting the requirements and quality of products delivered is one of our core strengths.

Our extensive range of products, services put us ahead of our competitors, we have maintained our strong position in the market and if we look towards our product mix, product quality and reliability, BPE is far better as compared with the leading companies in this sector in few categories.

We have committed to the highest standards in our manufacturing operations & production and our R&D team work hard to come up with the most innovative products and solutions for our customers.

What are your expansion plans for the FY17-18?

We are looking to expand our reach to several geographies this year. In India, we have started our operations in some of the untapped cities. Also, we are having an active discussion with our partners in Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to expand our reach.