“Very soon Savera will enter into Surveillance, Telecom and Power verticals”

Savera Marketing Agency is one of the fastest growing IT distribution house in India. Formed as a local company in 2004, Savera continues its evolution by introducing innovative products through its set of channel ecosystem in India. The company is set to foray into verticals such as surveillance, telecom and power.

Pinaki Samiron Dhara, Vice President at Savera Marketing Agency speaks with Zia Askari from ChannelDrive.in about the company’s current focus and future plans.


What is your vision on Savera Marketing for the next two years?

Savera is going to be the one of the preferred distribution house in Indian market and will be leading into the channel business and other verticals.

What are Savera focus areas in India in terms of the markets, industries and verticals that will help you maximize the potential?

Channel business is one of the core strength vertical for Savera. With rich experience in channel business and vast product portfolio of national and international brands, we cater and penetrate through channels of various industries.

What is Savera Marketing India’s roadmap for 2016?

After the success of Savera in East market and West market, the direction for 2016 would be to have the business expansion in potential markets like North India and South India.

What are some of the points where Savera Marketing products score over the competing forces in India?

Savera deals into IT segment which compiles both PC Components and all kind of Peripherals. We have mixed product basket to benefit channel partners and we are ‘One stop IT Shop’ for all IT products. Especially in the product line of EVGA we have scored over the competition, as it is known to be the one of the premium brands in graphic cards.

What kind of strategy have you planned to position Savera Marketing products successfully in the market?

Right Product Mix and Right Partner Approach is the overall strategy of Savera, which in-turn gives better business to channel as well as Savera.

How many channel partners do you have? Do you have any channel related initiatives to drive channel growth?

Currently we are associated with 5000+ partners across India. They are consistently associated with Savera and supported us. We ensure that, we will have seasonal channel enablers to motivate our channel partners to be in sync with Savera.

What kind of channel expansion plans do you have for India? Please share your growth plans as well?

Soon Savera will enter into various verticals like Surveillance, Telecom and Power segments which are the booming verticals in recent times. We are also planning to expand our channels in North and South India by adding more partners to our cluster.