How Convergence of Devices, technologies is changing eLearning Space

Multiple device ready elearning solutions are being deployed over the cloud and crossing multiple level of technologies to create and enable a new wave of mission critical solutions for a myriad set of enterprise community.

Convergence is everywhere, with tablets and smartphones doing almost everything which a PC used to do, it is happening on the device front as well as on the technology front with many applications combining forces to deliver a richer experience to the end users.

One such application is eLearning application where it is not limited to just the PC but actually moving towards multiple devices. When it comes to educating the workforce within an enterprise, eLearning is a great application and has emerged as a solution for delivering online learning solutions regardless of physical location, time of day, or choice of digital reception or distribution of multiple devices in an enterprise environment.

Also on the technology front, cloud when clubbed with virtualization is putting applications such as eLearning at the helm for an enterprise cloud adoption. As expressed by the CIOs and IT leaders as well as solution providers, eLearning is a key application where cloud is making inroads within an enterprise IT environment.

Today, whether it is a manufacturing organization or an ITES company, a banking atmosphere or a company focused towards pharma, learning is a critical element needed to continuously upgrade their human resources and more enterprises are turning to eLearning to help engage learners with ideas and information in revolutionary ways such as multiple device based engagement and taking help from public or private cloud resources.

Keeping in mind the benefits of enabling eLearning on  multiple level of devices and technologies, enterprise segment is working its way ahead to creating unique digital learning experiences that are building new interest and motivational level for the business users and encouraging great participation from the user community.

So, today with converged devices such as tablets and smartphones, eLearning is extending its reach from corporate houses to the user space where it is becoming more easier, to accept the learning process in a better manner.

Additionally, global networks are in a great position to offer resiliency and credibility towards providing voice, video and data between different parts of the globe, a trend that has catapulted acceptance of applications such as eLearning many folds.