A Brief Guide to White Hat Link Building Using Advanced Search Operators

As black hat SEO techniques steadily become a thing of the past, it’s important for black hat SEOs to update their SEO strategies and get into white hat SEO.

However, finding white hat link building opportunities is something easier said than done. And that’s where this useful infographic comes in, and we will share some of the relevant information from it below as well.

Replicating Backlinks

A very effective way to get some traction going on the link building front is to replicate the backlinks of your competitors. To do this, you will first need to find which sites are linking to them.

And you can find them using the advanced search operator: Link:XYZ.com -site:XYZ.com.

The XYZ.com here would be your competitor’s URL.

Guest Posting

Guest posting was and still is one of the most effective ways of building white hat links. However, guest post links from sites in your niche work much better than generic links, or links from sites in an unrelated niche.

So to find guest posting link building opportunities in your niche, you can simply perform a search on Google using the following search operators:

Keyword “write for us”

Keyword “become a contributor”

Keyword “guest blog”

Keyword guest post

Keyword guest author

And many more as you can see in the infographic by SEO Optimizers. Along with searching for new opportunities, you can also try to find link building opportunities that your competitor has already utilized in the past.

To do this, simply replace the “keyword” in the above search operators with your competitor’s name. If it’s not something generic and brandable enough, then it should work pretty well.

Resource Page Link Building

In many niches, there are established sites with resource pages. These resource pages link out to tens of useful sites in the niche.

As these sites are well established, they can pass a lot of SEO juice. However, in order to get a link from these sites, your content will need to be truly useful and backed by solid research.

The following search operators will help you find resource page link building opportunities.

Keyword “top websites”/”top 10 websites”

Keyword “top web resources”

Keyword “recommended resources”

Keyword “resources”/”top 10 resources”

You will have to play a numbers game here as the more emails you send out to webmasters, the more links you may land.

Directory Links

In pretty much all major niches, there are directories that allow site owners to submit their sites to the directory.

Here are some of the search operators you can use to find directory link building opportunities:

Keyword “add a site”/”submit a site”/”recommend site”

Keyword “add listing”/”submit listing”

And more as you can find in the infographic.

Link Reclamation

A pretty neat technique of landing some great backlinks easily is to make webmasters that have mentioned your brand to link out to your site.

To find sites that have mentioned about your brand but didn’t link to you, you can use the following search operators:

Brand name –rd:sitename.com

“YourCompanyName” (with the quotes)

“Your site URL”