ABeam Consulting Taps SAP for Workforce Management Transformation

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SAP SE has announced that ABeam Consulting Ltd., a provider of business transformation services, has implemented the SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System for its Japanese operations, the last phase of a global rollout to help meet its demand for highly skilled external workers worldwide and increase its workforce agility.

Accelerated by the global pandemic, the recent surge of digital transformation initiatives across regions and industries reached an inflection point in ABeam’s business. The demand for consultants required for the company’s client services within and outside Japan has grown at a record pace, leading ABeam to increasingly rely on highly skilled and specialized contingent workers, freelancers and independent contractors.

The external workforce helps ABeam support surges in demand for its services. The SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System will enable ABeam Consulting to modernize its external workforce management program while bolstering compliance with country-specific labor laws and regulations. Standardizing how it sources, hires, onboards and manages flexible worker resources globally — and in turn increasing visibility into its large, strategic external workforce — helps ABeam ensure greater return on investment.

SAP Fieldglass solutions help automate the end-to-end process of procuring and managing external talent, allowing ABeam to better manage costs by using preferred suppliers and adhering to market rates. The transparency into worker and supplier performance enables higher quality of work, enhanced supplier collaboration and improved talent decision-making overall. In turn, this helps ABeam increase efficiency, reduce risk and optimize spend to realize the full value of its external workforce program.

ABeam Consulting is an SAP partner leveraging its knowledge from this in-house implementation to help other organizations successfully adopt SAP Fieldglass solutions.