Accenture, SAP partner to build advanced capabilities for SAP Recipe Development application


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Accenture and SAP are teaming to build advanced capabilities for the SAP Recipe Development application, which helps process-industry companies — such as consumer goods, chemicals and life sciences companies — more efficiently meet customer requirements and rapidly develop new products and services.

Built on SAP S/4HANA® for increased agility and its ability to scale, the SAP Recipe Development application helps companies optimize supply chains for streamlined product development and reduce wasted resources.

Using existing customer data as a basis for formulations and calculations, it provides a simplified, hierarchical view displaying all formulation information — including calculation results — on a single screen for easier analysis and increased transparency. As a result, users can create individualized displays and easily conduct simulations to understand the impact of recipe changes to make data-driven decisions.

The new capabilities will provide the ability to share data — including up-to-date information on costs, nutrients and compliance, as well as details reflecting vegetarian or vegan products — across the entire recipe development process for greater visibility and insights into every development phase.

Among the first companies planning to use the enhanced solution to its business is Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company. “Target-driven recipe development — the functionality that Nestlé product developers were dreaming of to design compliant recipes — is a revolution in terms of usability,” said Isabelle Caraux-Lambert, senior product manager for Specification to Product at Nestlé. “This work was an outcome of successful design thinking on the formulation area.”

Other new capabilities include the ability to define target and limit values and the addition of integrated product compliance checks to ensure that all rules are being met, which is essential in highly regulated industries such as food and beverages, chemicals and life sciences.

Jean-Christophe LeDoux, a managing director in the Accenture SAP Business Group, said, “Process-industry companies are taking a closer look at product lifecycle management and other ways to scale and drive profitable growth. We’re helping clients leverage SAP target-driven recipe development capabilities that use real-time collaborative processes to provide calculations on costs, nutrients or ingredients on one screen for simplified management and faster product development. We believe this will become the industry standard.”


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