Arcserve: Driving Innovation with its Unified Data Protection Solution

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When it comes to unified data protection Arcserve is an organization that is quite firmly entrenched in this space – the company introduced the first ever suite of Back Up and recovery solutions that delivers up to 95% deduplication rate there by helping our customers reduce their storage footprint and bringing efficiencies to their IT Infrastructure.

Nikhil Korgaonkar, Regional Sales Director India & SAARC, Arcserve speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s current focus and its future plans.

What are the key focus areas for Arcserve?

Our 3 focus areas are – Cloud & Appliance based Solutions, Customer support & our Channel Partners. We’ve recently launched Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud, the market’s only cloud-born solution to fully integrate all data protection processes under one cloud-based console for today’s modern, complex infrastructures.

Our UDP Appliances series gained good amount of traction in 2018, catering the need of integrated data protection solution of our customers. From last 3- 4 years, we’ve been making continuous investments in optimizing our customer support. We’ve our global support centre based out of Hyderabad, India.

From Channel partner stand point – we’ve got a very strong channel ecosystem of Distributors, Resellers & SIs which are H/W and cloud service providers. Since last year we’ve been developing a partner ecosystem which is actively involved in Smart cities projects.

Why Arcserve sees a rising need of data protection solutions?

IDC in April 2017 predicted that data will grow to 163 ZB by 2025 which has now been revised to 175 ZB as per latest report. This data growth will highlight the requirement of data protection solutions and importance of organizations that play in Data protection & Data availability space. Besides that, the draft Personal Data Protection bill by SriKrishna Panel has brought much needed discussion regarding how companies store and process data to the forefront.

It is expected that once this bill becomes law, there will be specific guidelines on how the data is collected, where it is stored, need of role-based access control and mechanism to be put in place in case of data breach. With these mandates coming in place, the data protection & data loss prevention technologies will become indispensable part of every IT infrastructure.

It will bring in much larger gamut of companies under the compliance. We advise that organizations should start leveraging state of art data protection solutions available today and ensure they protect their data and business.

What are some of the challenges with traditional backup and storage system? And how do you propose to solve these challenges?

Traditional backup and storage systems worked by simply creating additional copies of the data which lead to surge in storage costs. According to the study done by CMS distribution, 7 percent of IT budgets are dedicated to storage costs. This cost will potentially skyrocket in future due to amount of data being generated and cost of technologies that would be required to be deployed to manage that data. Besides that, legacy systems had limited provisions in place to ensure data is encrypted thereby leaving critical information vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Arcserve, the most experienced data protection solution vendor in the market introduced the first ever suite of Back Up and recovery solutions that delivers up to 95% deduplication rate there by helping our customers reduce their storage footprint and bringing efficiencies to their IT Infrastructure. We natively support back up data encryption to ensure sensitive information is secured at all the times.

How can company select the customised back-up and recovery solution according to their requirement? Where can you help?

Navigating modern IT infrastructures can seem like stumbling through a maze. Organizations today have multitude of demands when it comes to choosing a backup & recovery solution. The solution they choose depends on whether they want On Prem based, Hybrid or entirely Cloud based solution. There are other requirements such as Uptime SLAs, Application Aware features, Statutory Compliance that dictate the selection of back up and recovery solution.

Arcserve is in unique position to cater such complex set of requirements through its Unified Data Protection Solution Suite, One platform for any backup and availability scenario, in any IT infrastructure. We offer a full range of capabilities that can cost-effectively address an organization’s unique business needs and eliminate layers of disparate tools without sacrificing usability.

How can companies secure their data in flight and on the cloud?

Encryption plays a vital role in securing business critical data. Companies should choose a backup solution that gives them flexibility to protect sensitive data through encryption at all stages of backup process. We follow best industry standard encryption algorithms whether you secure your data On Prem, in transit, in public cloud or in our Data centers.

How can companies reduce back-up storage footprints by up-to 95% through deduplication?

Data deduplication process which involves removing redundant data blocks and storing only unique instance of data helps reduce overall storage overhead. To achieve up to 95 % deduplication ratio, companies need to ensure their back up solution has capability to deploy global source side deduplication which ensures only incremental changes to data backed up once full back up is completed.

This feature not only reduces amount of data to be backed up but also reduces amount of data that gets transferred over the network and overall load on the production server. We’ve many customers who’ve successfully reduced their data footprints from 500 + TB to just 30 TB through Arcserve Global Source side deduplication process.

Customers should be aware that anyone claiming a similar or higher deduplication ratio might be offering it only over a single storage volume, not across entire backup storage estate.

What is your go to market strategy? How are you engaging with your partners?

Arcserve as a 100 % Channel oriented company puts in consistent efforts to make it easier for our partners to engage with us & maximize their profitability. We’ve a strong deal registration mechanism in place to avoid any conflicts. We develop our GTM strategy and execute marketing campaigns with an objective to bring in more opportunities for our partners to work on. Some of our focus partners today enjoy Industry leading margins & access to Market Development Funds. We truly believe that our channel partners are extended arms of Arcserve and we offer same rich training content to our partner that our teams internally use.

How can solution providers increase their profitability with your solutions?

Backup solutions have high attach rate which means that an opportunity for backup solution will also bring in the requirement for servers, storage and other secondary products and services. This gives an opportunity to solution providers to work on high value deals and maximize their profitability.

What kind of growth are looking for India? Where will this growth come from?

Arcserve will continue to grow in double digits in India. We have a strong legacy install base in government and PSU sector and we’re going to build onto that to drive future growth.

We’ve invested our resources in building smart cities partner ecosystem which will further fuel our growth. We already have Data Centres in UK and US and we’re planning to bring another Data Centre across to APJ in 2019. We have slew of new product launches planned in India in upcoming FY.

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