How ASPs can drive Cloud based Application Integration for Enterprise

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As enterprise community is looking forward to embracing cloud computing infrastructure, it is also opening up new avenues of opportunity for application driven service providers in the country.

In such a scenario, enterprise grade Application Services Provides or ASPs, can provide at cloud-based integration of applications in order to deliver more to the enterprise segment.



In place of just utilizing simple message queuing, driven by cloud computing, application service providers are now looking at implementing such services in the cloud infrastructure that can drive a lot of consolidation and also let applications easily talk through enterprise firewalls in a seamless manner.

In such a scenario, cloud-based integration, such as connecting applications in different organizations, typically requires moving through a set of firewalls, and hence solving such an issue becomes important for the ASP community in order to deliver cloud driven solutions in a secure environment.

With cloud computing increasingly being adopted inside the enterprise environment, more and more applications and being lined up to be moved towards the cloud side and this is an ideal situation for such ASPs who can position themselves as helping the enterprise embrace cloud in a cost effective and yet secure manner.

ASPs driven Cloud Applications such as cloud based identity service can provide a digital identity that can be used by people, by on-premises applications, and by cloud applications, delivering a unique value proposition to the enterprise community. This trend is likely to create more opportunities for the ASP community.  


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