Best 5 Video slot games

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We all know how influential video games are and what a difference they have made to not just culture in the forms of movies, music, and other entertainment, but in terms of how people live their lives; they are a great hobby to get into. Many would say that video games can’t get any better, but the truth is they can – they can be turned into slots.

This is better because, as well as everything you recognise from the games you love at Slots Racer, you’ll also have a chance to win real money. What’s better than that? So here are the top five video games that have been turned into video slots for you to try out. 

Resident Evil

Did you know that the very first Resident Evil game came out in the 1990s? And when it comes to zombie-based horror games, nothing has ever really come close. There are now lots of variations of this game in the series, as well as some pretty impressive movies. 

It makes sense, then, that something as popular as Resident Evil would get its own slot game too. What’s great about this game is that it captures all the most fun and best loved elements of the game and pairs it with the excitement of slots, giving you a real value for money experience.  


Zuma is a pretty simple game. It’s a very popular puzzle type game that can be played on every platform from PCs to phones to Playstations and plenty more. So if you love this game, it won’t matter what console you have, or if you don’t have one at all, you can still play. 

And now, of course, you can play the slot version of it too. It’s a standard 20 payline, five reel slot which will make it familiar to those who haven’t played the video game too. This can be a useful tactic for developers to employ, as they wouldn’t want to put people off playing by making them think they only need to know about the video game to be successful. 

Tomb Raider

Just like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider has spawned numerous sequels and reboots, and the movies have done the same. Perhaps the most famous Lara Croft of all is Angelina Jolie, but although she was the first she’s not the last, and there will probably be many more to come since this franchise doesn’t seem to be running out of steam. 

The slot version of Tomb Raider incorporates video successfully into the game, and you’ll be treated to some excellent films of Lara Craft in action. Lara also makes an appearance on the reels so you’ll get to see rather a lot of her. Perfect for fans. 

Street Fighter

Could there be a more iconic video game than Street Fighter? It’s unlikely! With its raft of different and unique characters as well as non-stop action, Street Fighter, and later Street Fighter II, was a hit right from the start. 

When playing the slots you can pick your favourite character to play as in the bonus rounds, and each one will offer something different. Fight! 

Call Of Duty

First person shooter wouldn’t be where it is today without Call of Duty. So many people love this game that it has a life of its own, with specialist forums set up to enable fans to meet one another – and play together. It is legendary, and there are many sequels too. 

The slot game version will certainly look familiar since it takes elements of the game exactly and uses them in the slot. The symbols will be familiar too, as they are all used in the original game.