Canalys Forums: Reimagining Channel Success for the Digital Era

Spotlight on Canalys Channels Forum APAC |

There is no denying the fact that we are still very much in the middle of a global pandemic situation and this has given exponential rise to virtual meetings and virtual events. Keeping this in mind, Canalys has completely redesigned its flagship global event series – Canalys Forums, to better suit the current scenario and reimagine success for channel communities for this digital era.   

Gemma Edwards, VP Events, Canalys speaks with Zia Askari from about the new form and format of Canalys Forums in the pandemic times and how the event is set to bring new excitement for the channel communities.

As we are still in the middle of this ongoing pandemic, all the events are happening virtually. How is this event going to be different in terms of delivering interesting and meaningful experience?

We are excited to bring you a bold new version of the Canalys Forums in 2020, run on our revolutionary event platform, Canapii. Canalys is already famous for developing the world’s most innovative event app, a product that has now been reimagined for the digital era via Canapii platform. We’ve made it more flexible than ever, so you can hop in and out of our events, choosing the elements that suit your needs.

As ever, we will be working with the world’s leading distributors to connect partners to the broadest possible range of channel-friendly vendors. Going virtual means we can invite far more attendees than ever before to create opportunities together. Our goal is simple: to deliver the best digital experience you will take part in this year.

What are some of the central themes that this year’s CCF APAC will bring forward?

During the 2020 Canalys Forums, we’ll bring you Canalys analyst and vendor CEO insights, so you can reflect directly on the trends shaping our industry and your business.

We also wanted to focus on the critical core of the event – members of the channel community reconnecting with each other. At the Canalys Forums, you won’t be stuck in front of a PC for days on end, fast-forwarding to find something interesting to watch.

Instead, we’ll bring you the “week of the channel”, when leading vendors, distributors and partners can simply and easily reconnect virtually with each other on the same digital platform, with the same purpose, at the same time. We know you want the support of committed vendors to help satisfy your customers’ needs. In this challenging environment there are opportunities for us to rebound stronger, together.

CCF has always been a special experience for channel partners. How is this year’s event going to be special and different?

As with the physical event we are putting the partners first. Providing content created and aimed at what he channel wants to hear. We have the key movers and shakers from the industry and interviewing them in short bite sized on-demand sessions.

We didn’t want to lose some of the historic elements that we have all grown to love at CCF. So we’ve managed to keep the CCF championships that allows a little bit of healthy competition with the delegates based on their interaction! As well as the Channel Partner of the Year awards and not forgetting the 5km run that will also still be happening on the virtual platform!

How many vendors and participants are likely to attend this year’s event?

We’ve opened the virtual doors wide and we are seeing a great uptake in participation from across the region. We’re seeing a huge uptake in registrations bringing together over 1,000 delegates to date and growing daily! With great support from 12 key vendors and 8 distributors we’re delivering: 65 pieces of content, 8 CEO speakers, 1 virtual run and an exclusive live Q&A with Canalys CEO, Steve Brazier, all on our platform at the Canalys Forums APAC 2020.

What kind of vendor participation and channel engagement are you experiencing at your other regional Canalys Forum events?

The EMEA forum was exceptional in bringing together nearly 2,000 delegates representing the most important channel partners and vendors in the EMEA region. The CEOs from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, Trend Micro and VMware were joined by the CMO from Nutanix and regional president from Dell Technologies in premiering keynotes exclusively for the Canalys Forum audience.

There were over 75 sessions, including interviews with the CEOs of channel partners across the region, and global channel and regional leaders from vendor sponsors. There was also a “Rising Star” supporters live talk, Canalys keynotes and market updates.

Attendees were able to access content on-demand throughout the two weeks of the event, and schedule meetings via the Canapii platform. Over 2,500 meetings took place via the platform, using the integrated networking, planning and video tools.

CCF APAC is happening during 16 – 27 Nov 2020

CCF LATAM is happening during 30 Nov – 11 Dec 2020