CII Centre for Digital Transformation – Set to Power the Next Digital Wave in India

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Digital Transformation in India is moving towards an era where unprecedented change for businesses to operate is no more an option but a necessity.

A need which is inevitable to survive in the global competitive landscape. Where technology, on one hand has forged greater collaboration among the C-suite, it has also positioned the management to realize numerous challenges and opportunities that exist within organization by adopting digital.

The quest is to become competitive, but businesses, face enormous diversions while travelling a Digital Transformation journey. Over sixty five percent of Indian enterprises have started realising the potential, Digital Transformation has, while more than eighty percent have started including digital as one of the key board topics for discussion.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) ascertains, with the demand for business transformation comes the need to effectively harness available digital technologies and put them into effective use. With disruption becoming a new game in digital era, aiming a USD 5 Trillion domestic economy by 2024, it entails picking up rapid pace in realizing the upcoming customer-first challenges.

With nearly nine thousand direct members and over two lakh indirect members through various forums of CII, a strong demand has been rising to build a trustworthy handholding platform to help the Indian industry become digitally competitive, globally.

At this critical intersection, the CII – Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT) characterises its vision to be a centre of international repute that provides role model products and services for the continuous betterment of Indian organisations, industries and society through digital transformation.

As one of the CII Centres of Excellence, CDT mission is to evolve and leverage a Digital Transformation movement that transforms India by building systems of intelligence, by bringing in more personal computing, helping organisations adopt the intelligent cloud and reinvent their productivity and business processes, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and inclusive growth.

In past decade, Information Technology (IT) services sector has seen an increased level of process automation and a resultant price rationalisation. This has allowed IT service providers to offer competitive prices of services in the domestic market which in turn has opened the space for industries to look beyond legacy business models and transform digitally.

Leveraging this opportunity to serve its members and Indian landscape at large, the Centre (CDT) believes Digital Transformation is not a sudden widespread change, but a series of micro-revolutions. To achieve this, Centre has initiated various programs and services under this umbrella to demonstrate the real value to micro-practices, leading to a bigger and bolder Digital Transformation

Key initiatives of the Centre include:

Assessment and Advisory: Assessing the present state of operations through an in-depth assisted framework coupled with right set of tools and practices.

Advocating the Government’s Digital India initiatives, which is all about bridging the gap between government initiatives and its beneficiaries, the Centre to assess the gaps present between the organization and its customers demanding a digitally rich experience. Further, advising on best practices to follow and stay ahead on the global competitive curve.

Skilling and Re-Skilling: Skill development is essential to equip the workforce with new trends and upcoming technologies. Training programs delivered through CDT comprises of open house as well as in-house customised programs.

Aligning with the Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s union Budget 2019 announcement, that demographic trends worldwide show major economies will face skill shortages, the Centre would focus on skilling the present workforce with next generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, Cyber Security and Big Data.

Study Missions: Conducting industry and region-specific knowledge development sessions to provide innovative and simplified methodologies to organizations by interactions with key stakeholders of successful Digital Transformation strategies and implementations.

Awards and Recognitions: Recognising best practices and use cases in digital transformation to create greater visibility and a nationwide movement of Digital encouraging larger participation for the ‘Next Digital Wave’

“Through the CII – Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation, we aim to evolve and leverage the digital transformation movement that is transforming India by building systems of intelligence and helping organisations adopt smart solutions to reinvent their productivity and business processes. The Centre for Digital Transformation aims to assist Indian industries in their digital journey so they can capitalise on the growth opportunity and gain a competitive advantage,” explained, Sumeet Walia, Chairman, CII – CDT & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Tata Communications.

To realize India’s dream of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy, it is crucial to enable MSMEs to sign up for the journey of digital transformation. Hence, the formation of Centre for Digital Transformation is a progressive step by the industry towards moving in this direction. Dell Technologies is one of the key drivers of this centre which will enable skilling, reskilling, measuring the progress, mentoring etc in becoming a digital first nation”, said Rudramuni B, Co – chair , CII – CDT & Vice President and India R&D Head, Dell Technologies.

“One of the biggest barriers in the journey of digital transformation for all organisations across the world is deficiency of skilled workforce. The most logical answer to this issue is reskilling of the existing people to fit into technological upgrades in the industry. Centre for Digital Transformation is focused to become the beacon of expertise where the right kind of skills will be available for Industry in order to empower them in their Growth journey. The centre will also offer blended programmes and certification courses to help professionals and businesses to realise their digital dreams,” said, Vijay Thadani, Co- Chair, CII – CDT & Vice Chairman and Managing Director, NIIT Ltd.

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