Clover Infotech – Innovating Next Gen DBMS Strengths for BFSI

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At a time when the BFSI segment is looking forward to incorporating next generation ready DBMS infrastructure in order to enable new age experiences for its customer base – Clover Infotech is ideally poised to create innovative solutions and opportunities around DBMS and deliver more in less for the BFSI segment.

Shrikant Navelkar, Director – Analytics & Big Data, Clover Infotech speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s focus of activities today and how it is reinventing the DBMS proposition for BFSI.

How is the Indian BFSI sector evolving today?

Team Clover believes in delivering tangible results to their clients basis the changing dynamics of the Indian BFSI sector fuelled by new technologies. The digitally empowered customers can no longer be satiated by traditional ways, but can only be catered through digitally evolved & advanced solutions.

Services, solutions and business-decisions, are all devised basis data and technology. Robo Advisory, mobile & online banking, and e-KYC are just glimpses of the tremendous evolution financial companies are undergoing, as they continue to embrace technology as the new business enabler.

Why does the BFSI Sector need to move on from their legacy DBMS?

The technology revolution has resulted in the explosion of big data from numerous resources such as social, mobile, search results, online transactions, and many more. These huge amounts of data from various sources, in diverse formats and types are continually being generated, which is overwhelming for the legacy DBMS – created for simpler and relational data. Hence, the need for the more advanced databases such as NoSQL and NewSQL has arisen that are capable of efficiently managing and processing complex data types and formats.

How is Clover equipped to offer new age DMBS Solutions?

We have been providing database management services for more than 2 decades now. And with the changing times, we have acquainted ourselves with the latest technologies and have the necessary skills and expertise needed to win this technological transformation. We provide end-to-end services – consultation, implementation, monitoring and support to ensure a robust database system.

We are well equipped with the expertise needed to optimally implement the new age NoSQL DBMS and ensure that organizations are empowered to make efficient and informed business decisions, leveraging critical big data.

Foray into DBaaS (Database as a service)

Organizations are on the lookout for a database solution that is cost-effective, scalable, manages data smartly and enhances the business process. This ceaseless demand for IT services and data insights has led them to seek new technology methods. Hence, the demand for Database as a Service (DBaaS) is compelling. We are well-positioned to enable our clients to migrate into a cost-effecitve DBaaS model.

Recently, Clover upgraded its competences to offer Oracle’s updated versions for E-Business suite (EBS) of applications – Oracle12.2.3   and   Oracle   12c Database. They were also the key talking points of our Inaugural knowledge series, ‘The Leap’ Our speakers highlighted the need of moving to the cloud and adapting the business transforming capabilities of Oracle 12c.

How Clover Infotech differentiates itself from its competitors?

We have been a trusted technology partner for leading Indian companies for over 2 decades now. Enabling them with efficient services across applications such as Oracle EBS and also infrastructure management services such as database management services, we ensure end-to-end IT Services and also train the customer’s workforce so as to empower them to address their technology requirements.

We have also conceived an in-house dedicated R&D wing called the TSG (Technology Solutions Group) which researches and tests latest technologies, creating opportunities to come up with innovative solutions for our client’s needs. The TSG focuses on addressing today’s dynamic business needs from a technology standpoint and more importantly, from a strategic business perspective. This is very valuable for transaction-centric industries / businesses such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Payments.

We also have our own knowledge arm, Clover academy, which has trained 1000+ students in the last ten years in various technology domains – application services, databases, middleware, OS, business intelligence and so on. We hire fresh engineering graduates, bridge the gap between their theoretical and practical knowledge through initial classroom training and develop the requisite skills. It is then, followed by on-job training where we place them on projects under the guidance of our consultants and they graduate to roles managing projects on customer sites. We are thus, creating a workforce of experts for the IT industry.

These factors gives us experience and expertise in staying attuned with the requirements of the industry and also enables us to stay ahead of the curve for delivering technology expertise.

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