Cyberior – Driving Innovations in Cyber Fraud, Digital Identity Space

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When it comes to delivering cyber fraud and digital identity space, Cyberior is enabling its customers to address this space in an innovative manner with its set of unique solutions. Cyberior is the Digital Identity and Cyber Fraud Protection Solution developed by Europ Assistance in India for India and the Asian Markets.

Ram Seethepalli is the CEO of Europ Assistance India speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s strategy for India and its future plans.

What are some of the key priorities for your organization today?

The world seems to have permanently changed as a result of the Covid Pandemic. Work from Home is likely the norm going into the indefinite future with most organisations having figured out that productivity and quality don’t necessarily suffer given WFH.

However, this fundamental shift in work lifestyle is impacting the end consumers – who have to manage both their professional and personal lives from their homes.  We believe this shift presents two great opportunities that we are prioritising as Europ Assistance:

  • Cyberior – Cyber Fraud & Digital Identity
    Work From Home has created an era of hyper-connectivity for working adults, their children (schooling from home) and for the elderly. In this environment, more devices (computers, mobile phones, and iPads) are being used to conduct our daily lives….and created new commodity for criminals to steal and take advantage of:

    Personal Information & Data  (i.e. their Digital Identity)

    Most end-consumers don’t have a strategy or focused effort to protect their Digital Identity.  We believe a fantastic opportunity exists for any organisation that can help end-consumers in protecting their personal information & identities, to protect their digital devices, to monitor their financial profiles, and to provide Assistance in resolving issues and problems that may arise.

  • Home, Health & Wellness Assistance:
    Work From Home has also put a strain on the ability of adults to access / obtain their basic life necessities….whether it is an Electrician to fix a leaky AC, a conversation with their Family Doctor and obtaining prescriptions, or even focusing on fitness, hobbies, interests, etc. We believe services that can provide end consumers with convenient access to quality providers and services at their moment of need in this WFH environment, can be invaluable.  As such, Europ Assistance is also focusing significant efforts on expanding our Home, Health & Wellness Assistance offering.

Cybersecurity is quite important for organizations of different sizes as well as for individuals. How are your solutions different from what is already available today?

There are two key areas of differentiation in terms of Europ Assistance’s solution:

  • While there is much effort and investments being placed on protecting organisations with their assets and data, not much effort is being placed on educating and protecting individuals and their respective families. Europ Assistance is unique in the sense that it focuses on cyber security of end individuals / end consumers.

    We believe it is critical for individuals to know and recognise that there is a “Digital You”….a Digital Footprint…and that they need to make an effort to “Protect the Digital You”.  Our definition of “Digital You” is our email IDs, passwords, mobile phone number, address, PAN, Aaadhaar, Credit Card numbers, credit profile, of ourselves and our respective key family members.

    Our solution – – focuses on “Protecting the Digital You” of individuals and family members.

  • We are differentiated given the comprehensive nature of our platform.

    Our solution helps Protect, Monitor and Alert individuals from a cybersecurity perspective…and to the extent required, we help Repair & Resolve  This comprehensive approach in protecting end consumers is a major differentiator.

    In summary, Cyberior:

  • Protects an individual’s personal information
  • Protect devices (and what you are doing on the devices (e.g. banking transactions or phishing links, etc.)
  • Monitor financial profile and financial capabilities
  • Includes insurance to cover any losses; and
  • Helps resolve problems with help of 24/7 Cyber Security Resolution Experts

What kind of market segments are you looking for your solutions in India? 

Europ Assistance has historically operated as B2B2C organization.

Given the unique nature of our Assistance products and services, we have historically catered to Banks, Credit Card Companies, Insurers, Automotive Manufacturers, and Airlines & Travel Companies – who in turn seek to provided differentiated and value added services to their end consumers and employees (as employee benefits).    We expect to focus on these same market segments for our solutions in India.

In India, Europ Assistance serves 50+ organisations including many of the leading Banks, Insurers, and Automotive manufacturers

What kind of cybersecurity innovations are you bringing to the market today?

We believe our cybersecurity innovations are reflected in the comprehensive nature of our Cyberior solution.

We help our customers with the following:

  • Digital Account Monitoring
    • Monitor digital accounts for any unwanted or suspicious activity
  • Credit Report Monitoring
    • Track your credit score, in real-time
  • Fraud Prevention
    • Reduce the risk of a variety of scams (banking/loan fraud, payment fraud, Aadhar fraud, and other identity theft) and resolve them with the support of the cyber resolution team at Cyberior
  • Anti-Virus / Scam Protection
    • Prevent data loss and cybersecurity threats to the data on your devices
    • Conduct banking transactions with confidence and without worry of phishing, ransomware, etc. attacks
  • Cyber Fraud Insurance
    • Recuperate losses covered by Cyberior’s cybercrime insurance policy
  • Resolution Services
    • Repair problems quickly and easily with help from Cyber Security experts

Please share your channel partner strategy to push your solutions in India? 

Europ Assistance intends to stick close to its core B2B2C focus of working with our partner clients to help reach out to their respective end customers.

As such, we expect to engage with all of Banking, Credit Card, Insurance, and Automotive clients  – as well as certain Insurance Brokers who excel in the Employee Benefits space to reach out to enterprises.

What kind of growth are you looking to achieve and where is this growth going to come from?

We believe the opportunity to personal cyber security solutions in India is substantial given demographics and some powerful behavioral shifts.

  • 550 million Internet Users with continued double digit growth
  • Mobile First Generation:
    • The new generation in India is clearly ‘mobile first’. There are with 1.16 billion mobile phone subscriptions
    • More than 12.3 billion apps being downloaded in 2018 alone
    • Payments are increasingly digital (with UPI, Phone Pe, Paytm, etc.)
  • WFH trend is here to stay
  • India is already amongst the most cyber attacked countries in the world

As such, and with our growing economy and personal wealth, India has become a fertile land for cybercriminals.

Our own market research indicates that India has an addressable market size of 130 Million to 250 Million individuals who may be interested in a personal cybersecurity solution as offered by Cyberior.

Our research gives us confidence that individuals are open and curious of the features offered by Cyberior despite having limited knowledge and awareness of protecting themselves digitally.  Cyberior seeks to be recognized as the Thought Leader in the space of personal cyber security, and we project to have 8-10 Million users on our platform within the next 5 years.

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