Dell EMC – Redefining Contours of Opportunities for Channel Partners

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By Zia Askari |

With its range of innovative products and solutions directed towards SMBs, enterprise, and the large web scale players, Dell EMC is redefining the contours of new age opportunities for its channel ecosystem.

After the two entities, Dell and EMC, were integrated a new, consolidated, channel engagement program was launched in February 2017. It has been six months now and the program is well received by channel community by delivering better opportunities and profitability for channel partners.

Whether it is addressing opportunities in the Government segment or BFSI, manufacturing, or retail, Dell EMC has an array of offerings that are being funneled through its channel partners for companies undergoing a digital transformation in the country.

Explaining the importance of the new channel program for Dell EMC, Ng Tian Beng, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Channels, Asia Pacific Japan, Dell EMC, said that the new program is designed to deliver simplicity, predictability and profitability.

“We have taken a lot of channel feedback to design the new program and make it simple, predictable and profitable for our channel partners. As a result, more than 60 per cent of our partners are now earning more with Dell EMC, when compared to what they were earning a year back,” he explained.

And when it comes to enabling the right conditions for better profitability and growth of partners, the company’s unique approach towards becoming a one-stop solution enabler – with its end-to-end portfolio – is helping in this direction as well.

“We firmly believe that the right way to success is to have an end-to-end portfolio. Our strategy is to be the partner of choice from the Edge, to the Core and to the Cloud,” he explained.

New Partner Program, Delivers More with Less 

The recently announced Dell EMC partner program is comprehensive with unified offerings to all its channel partners. The new channel partner program has been effective since February 1, 2017.

In the new partner program, between the commercial and enterprise accounts, partners can operate across the entire portfolio.

As part of this program, partners are now categorized in the following categories (Certain number of partners are allocated under each of the below mentioned category) Gold / Platinum / Titanium / Titanium Black (Only for elite partners).

Key Benefits of Partner Program – Simple | Predictable | Profitable

The new program is based on three tenets:  Simple, Predictable and Profitable.


Broad portfolio with entry being simple

Simplified the number of product categories


Instead of a quarterly cycle, it is now a semiannual cycle

Partners can calculate how much rebate they can earn


Increased focused on rebates and marketing development funds

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