Dell Technologies – Empowering Integration and Security for the Next Data Decade

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Spotlight on Dell Tech Summit |

Keeping in mind the ever growing importance and relevance of data in a multi-cloud world – with its end-to-end products and solutions portfolio Dell Technologies is poised to empower integration and security for the next data decade.

Speaking at the Dell Tech Summit in Austin, Michael Dell, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Dell Technologies said that in a data-intensive world – integration and security of data are big challenges and Dell Technologies is the only company with a capability to do this for its customers.

“Data is increasingly getting siloed across a multi-cloud world and now think about the explosion in the edge and the amount of data and compute that is going to be required at the edge. You got autonomous factories, transportation delivery services, intelligent hospitals, buildings. And the demands for performance latency, security compliance are all going to require more data and processing power at the edge than in all of the clouds combined.
It means a massive build-out at the edge computing – a highly distributed model, processing data with artificial intelligence, making decisions in real-time.

In such scenario, integration and the security of data are really our biggest challenges, going forward. And we believe, Dell Technologies is the only company with a capability to do this. We are positioned to be the open simplifier, preserving and moving data across an increasingly fragmented environment. This is really the whole plot of bringing together – Dell, EMC, VMware, with a leading developer platform of cloud integration and security,” he explained.

Digital Transformation – Navigating Around Data Complexities

Talking about the origins of Dell and how it is poised to unlock the data potential for its customers in the next data decade, Michael said that Dell was founded 35 years ago with this idea of democratizing access to technology, helping advance the human progress.

“And certainly if we look at today, technology is more accessible, it is more connected, it is more powerful, and the progress has been, quite frankly quite incredible. As we are rapidly rushing forward to a connected and intelligent world, with 5G coming round the corner and artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neuro networks – we can do more now than we ever have imagined.
Our world is being digitally transformed, all of the physical objects are becoming instrumented and connected and digitized, and that’s creating an enormous stream of data in the digital universe and its everywhere and in everything and is coming at us very fast. It is in our homes, our buildings, our clothes – our entire world. This is the digital transformation.

In the year 2007, the entire cellular network in the US moved 86 petabyte of data. Today, 86 petabytes moves across cellular networks in 18 hours and 10 years from now, 86 petabytes will move in 10 minutes. That’s a 52000 times increase in the amount of data.

This is why we call it the next data decade. This tsunami of data holds incredible promise to advance humanity. Just putting this technology in the hands of people is not enough, the greatest opportunity is to really put this data to work to help people and this is why Dell technologies exists – to unlock the power of data and to solve our greatest challenges,” he explained. attended Dell Tech Summit in Austin, US on invitation by Dell Technologies

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