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Spotlight on Digital Transformtion |

With the help of its comprehensive product and solutions portfolio – encompassing end-to-end IT needs from storage to compute – Dell Technologies is accelerating transformation for the channel community to become Digital Champions and deliver innovative and meaningful digital solutions for their customers.

Anil Sethi, Vice President & General Manager, India Channels, Dell Technologies interacts with Zia Askari from about trends in digital transformation and why it is becoming increasingly important for the channel community.

How important do you think Digital Transformation is today for your customers and your partner community?

There is an increasing global emphasis from firms to digitally transform in order to remain competitive. With the government, enterprises, and consumers rapidly adopting the technology, India is at the cusp of massive digital disruption. Our ability to enable competitive advantage for our partners by managing, storing, protecting and analyzing data is at the very heart of our company.

Dell Technologies’ transformative solutions are built on four pillars: Workplace, Security, IT and Digital transformation. These transformations provide multiple advantages for traditional channel partners. Digital transformation is defined by customer objectives and progress. There is a need for partners to have an in-depth understanding of the current state of our customer operations. Partners need to map a path that goes beyond task redesigning to connected platforms that support entirely new work processes; a combination of digitalization and digitization. Partners who are able to successfully engage in this journey, add significant long term value for their customers.

              Anil Sethi | Dell Technologies

The key tenets of our partner program are being simple, predictable and profitable and Dell Technologies is constantly working towards delivering the best. Delivering business outcome based technologies and solutions, to the customers, requires partners to have a certain level of services and consultancy approach to the finish.

Our partners are successfully able to do so and we are their trusted infrastructure providers. With ‘end to end’ OEM as the crux of the strategy, we can support an entire infrastructure transformation.

Why should channel community work towards investing in digital enablement and driving digital transformation for their enterprise and SMB customers?

In a world where business landscape and channel partners are constantly evolving, there are multiple catalysts that are enabling the potential USD 3 trillion channel market. Businesses around the globe are viewing the role of technology from a different perspective. It is no longer just a business function. Technology and IT are now becoming the business itself. We are able to grow in this $3 trillion market owing to our strong portfolio and continuous investment in R&D.

We will continue these investments in order to expand on the available options. A series of surveys revealed that almost half of our customers are concerned about their company’s digital future. This indicates to the fact that our customers are turning to us and our partners to enable them to drive the digital change.

How can Channel Partner community become a catalyst in enabling digital change?

Digital change is not merely driven by technology. Technology adoption by partners, customers and other stakeholders play a very important role. Dell Technologies’ customers are well on their path towards digital transformation. Channel partners, system integrators and distributors have been instrumental in empowering our customers’ digital transformation journey. Our Partner Program has not only ensured profitability and scale for our partners across the globe and in India, but has also helped further catalyze our go-to-market strategy and business growth. Our extensive portfolio helps achieve business outcomes when we sell to a line of business. We are committed to becoming industry’s most trusted advisor to our customers.

How are you as a vendor helping the channel community in terms of educating them towards embracing digital technologies and enhancing their digital skills?

As a vendor, helping our partners digitally transform serves as an opportunity for both of us to grow. At Dell Technologies World, we listed out three strategic comparatives. First is to make it easier for partners to do business with us, with regard to operational issues. Second is to enable our partners in transacting across our strategically aligned businesses. Third is working towards helping our channel partners understand, monetize and deploy emerging technologies. We are building competencies around technologies such as IoT, launching products with inbuilt AI and have trainings associated with each of these emerging technologies.

Recently, we’ve engaged in conversations with our partners around how we can help them build strong businesses by employing the best practices in the industry. We are investing in our own people systems as well and are looking to leverage these capabilities with our partners. We are also excited about helping our partners connect with one another.. There is a large potential in store and we are making our way through the market.

What are the key digital trends that are redefining business growth and increasing business prospects for the channel community today?

Internally, we drive a lot of conversations around digital trends and are trying to assign a label to our partners. We are well aware of the fact that the lines between resellers, CSPs, systems integrators and even OEMs are blurring. We have some really good businesses in each of these categories. Thus we have an opportunity to figure out how to merge each of them which will allow us to serve our partners as per their expectations and not as per the applied designation. These requires business model changes, not partner changes. We have a strong ecosystem that allows us to function effectively across each of the above mentioned categories. We bet that the tech vendor with more pervasive, broader portfolio will win over time and we certainly see consolidation in almost every market that we operate in, through our channels.

What are the key verticals or low hanging fruits for the partner community to initiate their journey in the digital transformation space?

Analytics and cloud are the two categories that are most closely associated with transformation, and providing these solutions will be critical for channel partners looking to position themselves as digitalization solution leaders. Security and mobility/wireless are also ‘must have’ capabilities for organizations looking to address buyer needs.

The next two waves of emerging technologies, VR and IoT followed by AI, containers, DevOps and robotics, requires that partners further extend their visioning/road-mapping capabilities. Dell recognizes that in most contexts, a provider’s ability to simply weave these technologies into a digitalization strategy (rather than providing a detailed plan for adoption) is probably sufficient for near-term midmarket digitalization messaging purposes. Dell has begun by offering analytics competency.

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