Emerson’s SmartRow to address datacenter efficiency, capacity and availability

At a time when datacenters are looking at having infrastructure solutions that can increase their productivity levels, Emerson Network Power is positioning its SmartRow to address a data center’s challenges on efficiency, capacity and availability. ChannelDrive.in speaks with Shirang Deshpande, Director, Datacenter Business, Emerson Network Power, India about the company’s strategy towards channel partners and solving enterprise issues.

Shrirang Deshpande, Director, Data Center business, Emerson Network Power

How is SmartRow solution being positioned in the Indian market?

As today’s businesses and their requirements are undergoing a phase of transition, the demands as well as challenges imposed on IT infrastructure too are altering. Today’s data centre managers face a multitude of challenging data centre objectives. To ensure that data centre strategies are met with, Emerson Network Power have introduced a suite of intelligent, integrated cost-effective solutions which can be put to use by SMBs and enterprises alike almost instantaneously.

SmartRow solution is a datacentre solution leveraging industry best practices to provide a solution which is efficient, economical, interoperable and controllable to address the challenges of efficiency, capacity and availability.

From Telecom to government, BFSI to education and manufacturing to healthcare, SmartRow finds its application in almost every vertical.

What is the Go To Market strategy here? Please elaborate on the solution providers involved in selling this?

Customers are always on the lookout for increasing efficiency, ensuring 24×7 availability and reducing cost of deployment and ownership. As IT becomes mission critical for businesses, they need on premises 24×7 services and support to ensure continued uptime.

We have formed a strategic alliance with NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Services Ltd. to provide Smart Solutions that will address these and future needs by adopting a modular and highly energy efficient design, and enable 24×7 proactive monitoring and support to customers across India.

As part of the alliance, NxtGen will deploy Emerson Network Power’s SmartCabinet™ and SmartRow™ offerings from the Smart Solutions family through its team of certified sales and service representatives, trained for an exceptional level of specialist consultancy and its partner network for customers across India.

Further NxtGen is using Emerson Network Power’s Liebert RDU monitoring tools, connecting to these Smart Solution deployments to ensure high availability and efficiency through round-the-clock central management from its state-of-the-art Central Command Center in Bangalore.  This approach will eliminate customers’ design, sourcing and maintaining efforts, enabling them to focus on their primary business goals.

What is the big catch for the enterprise here? Enterprise customers want to reduce on the OpEx and Capex at the same time, no compromise on the time to market or the uptime. How can this be useful?

SmartRow solutions are designed based on best practices and do not require any physical infrastructure customizations or costly room upgrades like raised flooring. They make use of existing infrastructure and due to their compact structure, SmatRow helps in saving space too. Moreover, they provide significant gains in efficiency and capacity which have a dramatically positive effect on a data centre’s TCO over time.

The hardware components of SmartRow adhere to energy compliances and offer huge savings. Moreover, the Installation costs aresignificantly reduced by averting expensiveexpansion of existing data center or construction of new data center. Owing to their simplistic design, SmartRow allows easy information exchange and better control through planning, monitoring and managing the changing IT environment.

How do you plan to face the competition in this market segment?

If one looks at the Emerson Network Power’s infrastructure management solution, one can realize why we are fittingly positioned to be the leaders in DCIM space. We have a solutions centred approach rather than just product approach where our solutions are built to reduce the data centre complexity via 24×7 proactive monitoring and support to customers. Our solutions are architectures to improve efficiency through optimum capacity utilization and asset management thereby reducing operating expenses to manage and run a datacenter.