How Lenovo is Enabling Intelligent Transformation Journey

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CCF APAC – Hong Kong |

As a global brand, Lenovo is driving innovation in a number of areas such as cloud and software defined infrastructure

Lenovo participated at the recently held Canalys Channels Forum APAC in Hong Kong, where the company showcased some of its latest innovative offerings.

Interacting with on the sidelines of the event – Sumir Bhatia, President, Data Center Group, Lenovo, explained that Intelligent Transformation is all about looking at right from the pocket to the data center and we cover the entire ecosystem end to end.

                    Sumir Bhatia, Lenovo

“We are moving from 100s and millions of devices to billions of devices – which is actually sending data across and that’s a great growth area for us. There are a lot of areas where Lenovo is innovating. The first is in the cloud and we are providing technology and solutions to 6 out of the 10 top cloud providers globally and that is a big growth market. The second area of innovation is in the area of software defined infrastructure, so Hyper Converged Infrastructure, we are partners with Nutanix, Microsoft, VMware and many other partners and this is really driving agility in the data center moving it into the hybrid cloud.

The third area of innovation that we are looking at is HPC and AI. And last but not the least is the traditional data center infrastructure and that’s changing, and the change is happening in the form of bigger and richer configurations into SAP HANA, Sequel Servers. So we are looking at innovation right from the pocket to the data center space,” he added.

Lenovo’s full video on innovation can be accessed here

Partner Strategy

Speaking on the importance of channel partner community for the company – Sumir Bhatia said that channel partners are an integral part of the company’s business.

“More than 90 per cent of our business comes through channel partners. We are investing big into the channel partners to help us to grow. Fundamentally, we are making it easy to do business with us and on top to this – there are three areas that we are focusing on. First is “CoSell” – we go with our partners and CoSell with them. The second part is “Enable”. Enablement is not just about training, it is also about tools. And the third one is “CoMarket” – how do you take the value proposition to the customer,” he added.

Lenovo’s full video on partner strategy can be accessed here

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