Informatica Launches Automation Innovations Across Intelligent Data Platform

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Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management enabler, has updated its Intelligent Data Platform, powered by Informatica’s AI-powered CLAIRE engine, intelligence and automation capabilities, enabling enterprises to accelerate cloud analytics modernization.

The new innovations include:

Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lakes

Industry’s leading and most comprehensive cloud data management with massively scalable high-performance serverless capabilities for cloud data warehousing and data lakes. Handles new data sources and numerous targets across cloud ecosystems; ingests data from databases, files, and streaming sources; and enables real-time analytics and self-service. New features include:

•Cloud Data Integration (CDI) & Cloud Data Integration Elastic (CDI-E) – More dynamic, scalable, flexible data integration, improved pushdown support for AWS and integration with Operational Insights. Cloud Data Integration Elastic (CDI-E) support for hierarchical datatypes, CLAIRE-powered Spark auto tuning, easy debugging with midstream and enhanced Azure support. Preview of Serverless runtime for CDI and CDI-E.

•Cloud Data Quality – New capabilities including parsing and de-duplication and expanded data profiling with additional cleansing and verification and connectivity to Salesforce and Microsoft Common Data Model.

•Cloud Mass Ingestion – Single integrated data ingestion service with improved usability and resilience. Broader support for DevOps with enhanced integration to GitHub for Mass Ingestion Streaming, Files and Databases enhanced connectivity with Databricks delta support for files, AWS Kenisis, ADLS Gen2 (streaming) and advanced functionality such as schema drift support.

•CLAIRE-powered data engineering pipeline recommendations, cross data pipeline categorization based on similarity, streaming data lineage, and data prep recipe recommendations. Next best transformation recommendations, support for handling data drift in Cloud Data Integration Elastic source transformations, runtime recommendation with spark auto tuning, ability to use intelligent structure parser in Cloud Data Integration with real time connectors, passthrough mode & for non-relational output.

•Innovation supporting advanced Data Engineering use cases with Blockchain as well as image transformations for applications across financial services, public safety, and healthcare industries.


Industry’s leading and most innovative and modern enterprise iPaaS for multi-cloud, hybrid environments with more automation and intelligence than ever, including new patterns such as Cloud Data Quality, Cloud Application Integration and API management, more DevOps support with CI/CD and GitHub team level integration, and more cloud-native capabilities for analytics and cloud data warehousing initiatives.

“Data-driven businesses need intelligent data management solutions that deliver industry-leading innovation, metadata management, and AI-powered automation to achieve their objectives faster and meet today’s data challenges,” said Amit Walia, chief executive officer, Informatica. “Informatica continues to raise the bar with our data management innovations, working to power our customers’ data-driven digital transformations.”

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