Kodak Alaris Expands its Document Capture Portfolio

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Kodak Alaris is expanding its document capture portfolio with the launch of a new line of low-volume production scanners and a refresh of its web-based capture software.

Built for today and ready for tomorrow, the new scanners and software are scalable to meet rapidly changing business requirements as organizations increase their focus on digital transformation.

Based on the award-winning i2900 and i3000 Series Scanners, the new Kodak S2085f and Kodak S3000 Series are faster and more powerful while offering network connectivity and a better user experience. New models include the 85 page per minute (ppm) Kodak S2085f Scanner (A4 paper size) and the 100 ppm Kodak S3100f Scanner (A3 paper size).

Both of these models are equipped with integrated flatbeds to easily capture information from business cards, to books, and more. Also new to the Kodak Alaris portfolio are the 60 ppm Kodak S3060 Scanner, the 100 ppm Kodak S3100 Scanner, and the 120 ppm Kodak S3120 Scanners, which are all A3 scanners.

“Most businesses have a strong desire to automate business processes to save time and eliminate mistakes,” said Lee Davis, Associate Director, Scanner Analysis and Software Evaluation for Keypoint Intelligence. “But when it comes to automating certain kinds of processes, like those where paper-based information needs to be entered into a digital process, things get tricky. The new scanners and software from Kodak Alaris simplify this intersection, providing customers with an automated portal for integrating
paper-based information into digital workflows and archives.”

Intelligent Capture with Info Input Solution

Users can extend the capabilities of document scanning with Kodak Info Input Solution v6. The web-based and mobile application enables faster capture and access to information at the office or remotely. Info Input Solution now offers advanced document classification and separation, which reduces the need for document preparation.

For example, a BPO or scanning service bureau can load multiple document types in the feeder and Info Input will separate, classify and extract data without the need for barcodes or patch sheets.

This capability will help BPOs expand their offerings by enabling true self-service to customers for a fee. When purchasing Info Input Solution, customers can now choose what cloud engine to use for data extraction and indexing: Google Vision AI, Amazon Recognition, or Microsoft Azure AI.

The cloud engines use optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) to capture and translate handwritten characters on structured forms.

“Document capture is the critical first step to automating paper-based business processes,” said Don Lofstrom, President & General Manager, Alaris division of Kodak Alaris. “Too many organizations are frustrated by bottlenecks created by inefficient scanners and software that slow down business processes and increase costs. Removing unnecessary manual intervention when processing data is key to saving time and money, and ensures valuable information flows seamlessly into business systems.”

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