Lenovo Legion Goes All Out with Futuristic Gaming Machines

This CES®, Lenovo™ is delivering more stylishly high-performance gaming options with Lenovo Legion™ PCs and accessories full of hot gaming features and cooler thermals.

Lenovo Legion has introduced its new battle-ready lineup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to auto-enable seamless gaming. Customers can count on integrated machine learning to elevate gameplay settings and framerates to pro levels. No matter where you’re at on your gaming journey, from wherever you call home—you’ll love the savage performance and minimalist style of the new Lenovo Legion 7 laptop with immersive 16-inch display, the 16-inch Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, the 15-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 7, and the Lenovo Legion 5 available in two screen sizes.

In 2021, Lenovo Legion brings consumers even more savage gaming performance with innovations in hardware and software. These new Lenovo Legion laptops are expertly-crafted with intelligent Lenovo Legion Coldfront 3.0 thermals for an increased airflow of up to 18 percent gen-to-gen to better manage the heat and noise generated by all that raw processing power. Lower system temperatures allow for optimized performance and all-day mobility with a long-lasting battery life.2 Multiple sensors are placed on the CPU, GPU, rear and side thermal vents, as well as on the SSD memory card and palm rest to fire off information every nanosecond to predict your system’s thermal curve for hours of gaming with zero throttling. To further dissipate heat, we’ve expanded the copper heat sink system for up to 82 percent more thermal fin area gen-to-gen and drilled copious holes into the laptop’s bottom cover and even under the keyboard to keep things cooler. So put this new Lenovo Legion’s gaming hardware through its paces, it’s built to take it.

To deliver the high-resolution quality, smooth response and panel color accuracy of gamers’ dreams, Lenovo also doubles down on more immersive experiences with the world’s first 16-inch QHD165Hz gaming laptops, the new Lenovo Legion 7 and Lenovo Legion 5 Pro.3 Perform at your best with this year’s even faster millisecond input speeds, plus anti-ghosting, soft-landing switches, and the more mechanical key feel of Lenovo Legion TrueStrike—the specialized gaming keyboard with RGB backlit optional feature, and now color-matched for a more cohesive look.

What Else is New for Lenovo Legion

It takes gaming-specific features and cutting-edge software to keep up with the fast-moving action of triple-A games. Thanks to a new AI-driven software contained within Lenovo Vantage’s Legion Edge feature, gamers with Lenovo Legion devices can now take their framerates through the roof and reduce in-game lag with new one-click overclock support for both the CPU and GPU.4 Part of Lenovo Q-Control (just press Fn+Q), the new auto-optimization Intelligent Mode setting is just one of the ways this software tool helps to custom-tune your gaming performance. With Intelligent Mode switched on, the power of AI comes into play as it auto-detects the games on-deck and cross-verifies them against our pre-loaded set of 16 triple-A titles.5 Then it activates the ideal settings needed to secure the highest FPS for that specific game without compromising your computing and/or graphics experience. For any game outside of this special group of top titles, auto-optimization mode is triggered to configure the most balanced PC performance settings for you.

Introducing a Lenovo gaming exclusive, the new Lenovo Legion AI Engine is our smarter combination of best-in-class hardware, software, firmware and driver support that all work together to help overclock your PC’s performance by sharing Thermal Design Power6 (TDP) between the CPU and GPU to better manage any heavy-duty gaming requirement. For instance, when you’re absorbed in a role-playing game that leans heavily on GPU performance to keep up the boosted FPS needed to enjoy that movie-like experience. All the AI capabilities inherent to the Lenovo Legion AI Engine trigger the internal system actions and software features necessary to channel any unused power from your CPU to the GPU or vice versa, depending on where it’s needed most. It’s not magic, it’s just machine learning.

When you combine all this new AI technology from Lenovo with the smarter, next-level RTX Tensor Cores 3.0 of NVIDIA®, exceptional performance is a given. Take image realism to new heights with the stunning graphics effects of new Ray Tracing 2.0 with next-level NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ Laptop GPUs (coming soon). Streamers will delight in the broadcasting capabilities that can turn your Lenovo Legion laptop into a virtual home studio. NVIDIA uses AI-powered voice and video effects that can keep you automatically framed-up in the live shot. Need to muffle ambient mic noise or replace your webcam’s background with gaming footage? You can do that and more. Plus, there’s NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) that uses AI to help the GPU render repeated scenes in cinematic quality without overtaxing the system.

Lenovo Legion’s new 2021 laptops are amongst the first to feature the next-gen AMD Ryzen™ 5000 H-series Mobile Processors for remarkable performance. What’s more, Lenovo Legion’s Harman® speakers are now optimized with Nahimic® Audio by SteelSeries. Prepare yourself for engaging 7.1 surround sound gaming when combined with your headset or external speakers for an upgrade from the prior 5.1 system. Designed for hardcore gamers, Nahimic Audio provides cutting-edge features like Night Mode with smart volume reduction to adjust sound levels in different settings, and Sound Tracker7 that visually indicates a sound’s direction in-game. Plus, Sound Sharing that allows audio to play on two sets of gaming headsets simultaneously from a single PC. These intuitive audio features provide a fully immersive in-game experience.

Powering your Smarter PC Ecosystem Further

Lenovo Vantage is also bringing the speed for Lenovo Legion users in its latest update, allowing you to quickly optimize settings and personalize your experience so you can get back into the game. Via new progressive web app caching, Lenovo Vantage will now load in mere seconds no matter where you are in the world.8 Also, now available on all Lenovo Legion devices is the recently launched Vantage Smart Performance Services. This new Lenovo self-diagnostic service has the ability to reduce PC downtime by scanning, detecting and removing spyware, malware and adware, as well as fix network and access issues and automatically tune up the PC, resulting in better internet connectivity and all-around faster PC processes.9

Go Big on Performance: the Lenovo Legion 7

Gamers are spending more time in front of screens. They’re leveling up and want a premium gaming experience with modern design—and we’re here to deliver. Meet the new flagship Lenovo Legion 7 laptop offered with a taller 16-inch screen, 100 percent sRGB color gamut, and new 16:10 aspect ratio for 11 percent more screen real estate to improve your field of view in-game so you never miss a shot.

To achieve our new narrow tail design while keeping the same compact metal chassis size gen-to-gen on the Lenovo Legion 7, our designers smartly shored up space under the hinge. This made way for the next generation of gaming display technology with millions more pixels than before on a new near-edgeless 16-inch QHD display (2560 x 1600), a serious upgrade over the previous gen’s 15-inch Full HD panel offered. With ultra-high pixel density and a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, this IPS display offers optional VESA® DisplayHDR™ 400 certification, up to 500 nits of brightness and a 165Hz refresh rate for buttery smooth gaming. For an incredible viewing experience and color accuracy, the Lenovo Legion 7 laptop supports Dolby Vision® which will bring your favorite entertainment to life with stunning picture quality. Combined with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ your picture quality will look spectacular, plus low blue light and flicker-free Eye Care technology helps to reduce eye strain during long battle sessions. The Lenovo Legion 7 laptop is first to be certified as a High Gaming Performance Display with low blue light by TÜV Rheinland.10

The new 16-inch Lenovo Legion 7 laptop laying open at 180 degrees

Offered in Storm Grey hue with extreme four-sided narrow bezel, take note of the E-Shutter webcam kill switch located on the laptop’s now much thinner-looking side. Use Corsair® iCUE to add your personal touch by customizing the RGB lighting in multiple zones, e.g. rounded logo on the lid, bottom lip marquee, air outlets and even individual keys. Also enjoy a larger precision glass touchpad that supports tap gestures. And as a treat, the insides of the Lenovo Legion 7 get an unexpected makeover too for those who love taking apart their machines, with new cohesive “black-out” components, plus a special message and QR (quick response) code label for you to scan for hardware information and service options.