MOL Group Selects SAP Ariba Solutions to Digitalize Global Procurement

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SAP SE has announced that energy giant MOL Group has chosen SAP Ariba solutions to digitalize its global procurement operations to increase process transparency and standardize supplier relationship management.

“All the benefits we realized from digitalizing with the SAP Ariba solutions during the pilot project were even more apparent after we witnessed the fragility of supply chains in this industry in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic,” MOL Group’s Chief Procurement Officer Péter Labancz said. “With SAP Ariba solutions, we can make our supplier collaborations even more efficient by managing our subcontractors’ database centrally, reducing procurement lead times, improving data and process transparency and reliability, automating many of the activities previously performed with manual data entry, and importantly, enabling our cultural and procurement transformation journey.”

Digitalizing procurement with SAP Ariba solutions is the next phase in MOL Group’s strategic plan to digitalize operations with new generation technologies and automate business processes. The project is an expansion of its use of enterprise resource planning and human resource management solutions from SAP. With SAP Ariba solutions, including SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite and SAP Ariba Commerce Automation, MOL Group aims to:

Standardize its procurement operation on a single platform in the cloud, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency source to settle
Improve communication and collaboration among its nearly 200 sourcing professionals and its more than 5,000 suppliers, reducing errors and fostering long-term, strategic relationships
Streamline and automate management of more than 4,000 contracts and nearly 250,000 purchase orders annually
Integrate seamlessly with its SAP ERP system using the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway solution

“For large enterprises like MOL, procurement processes are getting more and more complex,” said Chad Crook, senior vice president and global head of Customer Engagement and Adoption, SAP Procurement Solutions. “In this age of unpredictable disruption, digital platforms provide a solution for managing such complex, global supply chains with agility, efficiency and transparency across the entire end-to-end process, driving cost savings and improved supplier relationships for long-term success.”

SAP Ariba solutions provide MOL Group with a modern digital solution to help maximize procurement efficiency and enhance collaboration with suppliers. The company also will benefit from access to Ariba Network, one of the world’s largest digital business networks, connecting more than five million companies in 190 countries and where more than US$3.46 trillion in commerce flows annually.