SAP Enhances Innovation Service Package for Industry 4.Now

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SAP SE has announced the addition of advisory and implementation services to the innovation service package for Industry 4.Now. These services accompany Industry 4.Now, SAP’s strategic initiative for realizing and achieving Industry 4.0 intelligent enterprise processes.

The innovation service package for Industry 4.Now and the advisory and implementation services included are designed to help customers transform their manufacturing business and full product experience. They support customers in horizontal and vertical process integration, such as product design, customer-specific order processing and integration of shop floor monitoring as well as business networks.

Using the four core themes of intelligent factory, intelligent asset, intelligent product and empowered people, Industry 4.Now can help a company to achieve manufacturing excellence and its overarching business objectives.

The services provide customers a tailored transformation journey to help them adopt Industry 4.0 scenarios by identifying and prioritizing the right use cases as well as resources to reduce costs.

“With Industry 4.0 being such a broad concept, the situation looks different for every customer and requires an individualized approach, which is why these added advisory and implementation services are so important,” said Shane Paladin, president, Services, SAP. “With our innovative, outcome-based services, customers gain a clear, actionable road map to design, plan and execute their specific transformation goals.”

Starting with a free Industry 4.0 maturity assessment and gap analysis to determine the opportunities for improvement, the advisory services provide personalized, comprehensive support for customers’ individual Industry 4.0 journeys. This enables customers to effectively:

Explore and evaluate new business scenarios and define a strategic business vision

Identify weaknesses and ways to improve current business scenarios

Update current business processes and IT landscapes to develop a transformation road map

Enable innovative business processes, accelerate implementation and acquire expert guidance to safeguard project success
Additionally, based on lessons learned from the advisory services, various implementation services for the Industry 4.Now strategy are available and tailored to each customer’s specific business needs. Within the implementation services there is an emphasis on essential processes, integration, technology adoption and scalability. This provides key business outcomes through real-time insights to drive critical decision-making, improved reliability and automated processes.


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