Shifu Orboot | Reinventing Education for Children with AR

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Playshifu – is an augmented reality technology startup which has recently launched educational products that redefines the educational toy segment in India – Shifu Plugo, STEM-based, Augmented Reality Gaming Series for kids.

The gaming series – Shifu Orboot, is a one-of-its-kind globe enhanced by Augmented Reality that allows children to explore the world beyond boundaries.

Started in the year 2016 by Vivek Goyal and Dinesh Advani, as a company – Shifu specializes in toys that carry an element of entertainment and education as well. The company launched the Orboot in 2017 with the help of a kickstarter campaign.

Shifu Orboot is an ideal educational toy for the ever-curious child that sparks curiosity and helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills. The digital gameplay is enriched with realistic 3D figures, engaging voice-overs, and regional music.

With the help of this – children can explore different countries and cultures across the world and experience the magic unfurl. It contains 6 categories, 400+ highlights and 1000+ cool facts.

We reviewed this toy with the help of my 7 year old son – Zayan and he simply loved the overall interface of the globe and it was quite easy to interact with. This toy globe provides accurate information about regions around the world.

Its engaging descriptions go beyond simple place names, and it is quite fun to see augmented reality (AR) in action for an educational purpose. With this globe, Zayan was able to understand a number of geographical locations, cultures, weather, animals and various important monuments.

This interesting toy comes with a 10-inch wide globe, stand, parental/educator guide, fake passport, passport stamp, a sticker booklet with flags from around the world.

Orboot app is available for free download on iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. This globe does not have any borders or country names on it, but it does have graphics that represent each region.

And then there are a number of stars spread across the globe, which can be activated by the child by simply scan on phone via the app. The AR software unlocks interesting facts about the area’s cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps, and weather. After scanning an area, your child taps the category he or she wants to learn more about.

This app asks for your email address so you can track your child’s progress, however you can still use the app without entering these details.

You can enter your child’s name and grade. You can also select to have multiple accounts if you have more than one child at your home. The overall interface of this toy is really cool and provides a great choice to deliver education to children with a strong element of fun.

Price Point: INR 1999
Available on both Android and iOS:
Google Play:

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