Unified Communications – Bringing Profitability for Solution Providers

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At a time when a number of enterprise operating in multiple set of verticals are positively looking towards Unified Communications space – this is opening up unexplored opportunities for the solution provider community today.

There are a number of organizations present at CommunicAsia 2016 and enterpriseIT in Singapore which are presenting great UC solutions for the industry.

Unified Communications ties together multiple real-time and offline communication tools (such as telephony, email, fax, and instant messaging) plus a range of additional capabilities (including presence detection and click-to-call) into a single, integrated solution. This presents a great opportunity in front of the solution provider community to enable innovative UC solutions for their customers.

All this makes a great positive difference when enterprise customers look for seamless integration of communications fabric at multiple levels.

With UC solutions, enterprise users can access and manage all of their communications tools from a single window environment, regardless of their location. This delivers unprecedented mobility to their users, while at the same time – the system ensures that the workforce productivity is enhanced.

Unified Communications capitalize on Internet Protocol (IP) technology to transmit voice, video, and data across a single network. By eliminating the need for multiple, disparate networks, UC solutions can reduce costs and simplify administration.

How can UC help enterprise?

UC solutions can initiate a number of key benefits for an enterprise

IP telephony—a key component of any UC solution—provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive toll call services. UC solutions also can help organizations cut additional costs by converging multiple communication modes over a single, shared

IT network. Organizations can reduce capital expenditures and minimize operating expenses by eliminating the need to buy and manage multiple, independent systems for telephony, collaboration, and more.

UC solutions help drive business productivity by improving the efficiency of communications and collaboration. With the help of a UC solution, a salesperson working with an enterprise can locate contact information for a potential customer, place a call, and share documents with that customer all through a few mouse clicks.

A geographically distributed team can use conferencing and document collaboration capabilities to work together to complete a project rapidly.

An organization can use the same capabilities to provide multimedia training inexpensively to workers in regional offices. Call center agents can use presence detection capabilities to find subject-matter experts fast and then use instant messaging to confer with those experts, all while assisting customers in real time.

With UC solutions, employees gain the tools they need to work anywhere, with any device, at any time. The mobility offered by UC solutions enables organizations to extend the work environment beyond the traditional office and desktop.

Remote workers can log in to a UC system on the road and have at their fingertips all the same capabilities that they have on site. This includes seeing co-workers’ presence online, as well as having access to instant messaging, conferencing, and collaboration capabilities.

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