“We are helping partners to ‘embrace and monetize’ new opportunities” | Dell Technologies

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As far as driving growth and profitability for the channel community is concerned, Dell Technologies has big plans for its channel partners for the year 2020. The company’s primary focus will be to fast-track the cross-selling deals, driving profitability and helping partners to ‘embrace and monetize’ new opportunities around edge computing and artificial intelligence.

Anil Sethi Vice President & General Manager, Channels, Dell Technologies, India speaks with Zia Askari from ChannelDrive.in about the company’s channel strategy for the year 2020.

What are the key priorities for Dell technologies when it comes to empowering the channel community and what are some of the technologies that Channel Partners should look forward to in 2020?

For Dell Technologies, partners’ technical literacy and increasing their industry vertical knowledge is one of our biggest priority. We want our partners to continue to increase their knowledge of not only the technology but the complexity associated with these new technologies—such as new hybrid cloud offerings.

We are going to focus on three strategic imperatives:
• Making it easier for our partners to do more business with us. That’s a combination of process changes, engagement changes, certainly the go-to-market changes with the reorganization, and tool investments
• Fast-tracking our partners’ ability to work across the Dell Technologies portfolio
• Helping our partners embrace and monetize these new emerging opportunities due to technologies like edge computing and artificial intelligence & machine learning that is now becoming omnipresent in businesses

What is Dell Technologies’ channel growth agenda for the year 2020?

2020 is speculated to bring in multiple trends and opportunities for the channel industry to bet on. Dell Technologies has big plans for channel partners for this year and our main focus will be to fast-track the cross-selling deals, driving profitability and helping partners to ‘embrace and monetize’ new opportunities around edge computing and artificial intelligence.

Additionally, other major goals for us includes making server sales more data-centre-centre, increasing partners’ industry vertical knowledge and making Dell Technologies’ massive portfolio, more visible in the channel.

How will the company be empowering its partners with the help of its channel program? Is there any update in Dell’s channel program that channel community should look forward to?

At Dell Technologies, we are using ‘Access Program’ to provide access to certain partners to purchase VMware and Pivotal solutions, through the program as well as using our standard Software & Peripherals purchasing products. Building innovative solutions like PowerOne, Unified Workspace, and VxRail on VMware Cloud Foundation— are all good examples of integrating IP from Pivotal or VMware and our hardware technology.

Moving forward, in the year 2020, how will Dell be helping channel partners to increase the topline and bottom line?

Dell Technologies is working towards ensuring that our partners know and understand the businesses their customers are in. Customers are looking for improved efficiency on their production line and are looking for better customer experience.

In order to deliver efficiently to the required outcomes, our partners need to understand the businesses that their customers are in, so that we can help them to apply the correct technologies.

In addition to this, we continue to innovate through our R&D center to make sure we are building solutions across our portfolio. Innovation is all about helping our customers simplify IT and helping them figure out how to unlock the value of their data. Our partners are also working towards ensuring workforce modernization.

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