“We are set to introduce wide range of IoT devices”: ZOOOK

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When it comes to delivering meaningful innovation – ZOOOK is one brand that has done extremely well in terms of bringing innovative products in India. Quite recently, the company has launched Zoook Smart Camera Eagle Cam 100, Wireless IP Home Security Camera and ZOOOK Clicker. Moving forward it is set to continue this journey ahead by introducing new range of devices that will enhance ease of use with simplicity.

Achin Gupta, Country Head – India at ZOOOK speaks with Zia Askari from ChannelDrive.in about the company’s curent strategy and its future plans for India.

How do you look at the Indian market today? What are your key priorities for india today?

Covid-19 has stimulated all the businesses to re-look at their strategies and how best they can add value to their customers. This is true for across the world. Earlier in 2020, ZOOOK had forayed into developing innovative security, smart home IOT devices and tech-healthcare devices considering the growing demand for reliable products.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 was like a more significant push and focused on the segment we were already working on. Now, an additional characteristic of “no-contact” security and temperature measuring devices also became a vital part. We believe, tech-powered healthcare products will continue to be in demand in India as well as in other countries.

We have launched various products such as non-contact infrared thermometer ZOOOK Infra Temp; KN95 face masks for all age groups and more products. ZOOOK will continue to focus on tech-healthcare sector to present innovative and valuable devices.Besides, ZOOOK will continue to focus on launching IOT based devices that enable to transform your home into smart home.

We are going through a pandemic situation and keeping this in mind – how have you adopted to this new normal today?

With our expansion into the healthcare and lifestyle products segment, we have a sharp focus on ensuring the security of end-users. The prevalent pandemic has further emphasized the need for such products in the market. ZOOOK aims to create similar value for our health care product as we have for our audio devices. We are investing heavily, both time and money, on R&D team to bring forth the innovative products that solve the purpose of end-users.

What is your business strategy moving forward?

Touching upon a new category means tapping a new set of audience. However, given the situation, consumer behaviour is changing in every sector, including the audio segment. Being sensitive to market changes and consumers’ demands is our focus. We are applying everything from human skills to the latest technologies to study the market and deliver what is really required by our customer community.

How are you looking at expanding your business in india?

We are looking at creating new virtual touchpoints for all our patrons, allowing us to keep our bond intact. By offering relevant devices both in audio and tech-healthcare, we aim to continue delivering the best to the end-users.

How do you plan to expand your market reach across online as well as offline space?

Understanding the situation, we had already made adjustments in our communication and marketing strategies, and we will continue to develop our unique plan with the flow of the time.

What kind of product segments and innovations are you likely to launch in the coming months?

We will be focusing on launching more health-related devices in the near future. Usually, emphasis will be on the high quality and functionality of the devices.

What more can we expect from Zoook in the coming months?

Some innovative ideas are underway, definitely! And we can talk about them at the right time (i.e.) when they are ready to be launched. Currently, I can tell you about temperature monitoring chip which can be used to stick on a baby’s chest to measure body temperature. All the reading by the chip will be flashed on your mobile and alarm system is also infused to alert parents.

Also, we are in the process of introducing a wide range of IOT devices to make life simpler and wondrous. Earlier this year we launched Zoook Smart Camera Eagle Cam 100, Wireless IP Home Security Camera and ZOOOK Clicker, a Smart Remote that allows you to replace all remote controls for Infrared devices and manage their function from your smartphone.

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