Whale Cloud Showcases Innovations at MWC Shanghai

Whale Cloud, a technology company providing software solutions and services for telecommunications and multiple industries, showcased its latest innovation and cutting-edge technologies during the 2021 Mobile World Congress Shanghai on February 23-25.

The MWC Shanghai is Asia’s leading event for next-generation technology where industry experts from the world’s leading technology and telecommunications companies come together to showcase their latest innovations and connect.

This year, the event took a mix of both online and offline formats focusing its discussions on developments and technologies such as 5G,IoT, AI and big data. Whale Cloud’s booth in Hall N2 at MWC Shanghai 2021Whale Cloud’s Virtual Partner Programme.

Cloud Innovations

At the MWC21 Shanghai, Whale Cloud went with the theme “The Road to Digital Telco Transformation” and showcased its latest technologies, industry-proven solutions and theme thodology on how CSPs can achieve successful digital transformation under the guidance of Digital Telco Maturity Map (DTMM).

The DTMM is designed to guide telcos on their digital transformation journey with a well-defined roadmap. In the MWC21 Virtual Partner Programme, Whale Cloud focused its topics on innovation driven by the COVID-19 crisis. Under the theme “How Going Digital and Online can Reshape the World Following the COVID-19 Disruption”, Whale Cloud together with Ncell and Ding Talk shared their distinctive perspectives and experiences on how companies can accelerate their digital transformation process and drive innovations during this period.

“COVID-19 did have a toll on Ncell during the early days of lockdown, we took a 30% hit on our business but we knew we have to bounce back and the only way for us to bounce back is by“ innovation”. We started working with SMEs and small businesses in Nepal, by providing them our data center and cloud infrastructures. I believe as a telco we have a big part to play in order to kick-start the economy of a country,” said Vishal Upadhyay, Chief Information Officer, Ncell.“I believe customer experience is a key driver for successful digital transformation, and we need to understand our customers’ demands and adapt accordingly in order for businesses to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic era,” said Alex Li, Senior Director, Ding Talk.“To address the isolation issues surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, we have adapted to the customers’ demands by developing an all-in-one online platform to provide global CSPs and industrial companies with zero-touch and agile services for better digital business operations,” said Steven Cho, Chief Digital Officer, Whale Cloud. Many companies have gone through a tough time during this global pandemic outbreak.

However, some view the current situation as an opportunity for transformation and change. COVID-19 be came that catalyst in driving digital transformation across all industries, making executives re-think their strategies, re-build new business models, and strengthen their business processes. During this period, Whale Cloud has also developed an all-in-one online platform to facilitate the digital transformation progress of global CSPs and industrial companies, by providing online trial and subscription services for 8 domains: BSS/OSS, Data Intelligence, 5G, Cloud, eCommerce, Finance, Industrial IoT applications and digital transformation consulting services.