Content Development

As a technology oriented media entity (Part of ERATO Solutions) specializes in helping vendors make the most of their content development and marketing strategies.

We clearly understand that getting someone to glance at your content, is surely the easy part. The biggest challenge comes from engaging the right audience for longer than a brief moment and this is what differentiates innovative content from its average counterpart.

Here is how we can help you –

Conceptualizing and Writing Technology Blogs – There is no doubt that today this ‘Quite Frank’ approach to describe technology content is winning hearts and minds of business leaders and help them in taking the right decisions.

Writing Application Notes – This is where we can provide our content expertise to create and substantiate application scenarios for your products and solutions.

Writing Case Studies – When it comes to taking the right business decision, all the IT and communication leaders look for live solution scenarios to which they can refer and this is where an accurately writing case study document can push your marketing effort in the right direction.