Why my IP Transit Provider is Better Than Yours

Any business owner who needs high-quality Internet access should consider the benefits of IP transit. But is your IP transit provider the best option? Below is more information about IP transit providers and how you can benefit from the service.

The most important thing to remember is using IP transit has advantages over other types of Internet access. And the best IP transit provider can show that it has better performance than others in the areas listed below.

First, a good IP transit provider has better peering than other types of Internet access. The provider works with other large ISPs and connects to their networks directly.

This means that the ISP has lowered the number of steps or hops that are needed to get to hosts on the partner network.

For instance, if the ISP does not peer in a direct manner with the network needed for a destination, it must pass this request through the Tier 1 ISP to get to the desired place. This is a less direct route that has more hops in terms of IP packets. This will increase latency and reduce your desired throughput.

Second, the best IP transit provider has direct access to vital infrastructure. Because of the design of these services, services and applications hosted with the provider are well integrated into a local network, which leads to LAN type speeds. Who doesn’t want Internet connectivity that fast as a business owner?

Also, connecting directly to the core router of the ISP allows your company to have a consistent user experience across all technical environments in all locations. When your developers work in HQ on hosted resources, they know that their user experience is the same of the audience they are targeting.

Third, a good provider of transit services has redundant connectivity. A regular Internet provider has all web traffic go through one physical connection. IP transit is made so there are several access paths to the network until it reaches the customer.

Because there is redundant connectivity, the best IP transit providers are not as likely to have service interrupted. Enterprise switching will be set up at the firm’s physical address and will take many fiber lines which expands redundancy.

As you look at various IP transit providers, keep the above benefits in mind so that you can make the best choice for your firm. After all, having the best and fastest Internet experience helps you to serve your clients and make more money.