4 Innovative Indian Edtech Startups Enabling Coding Education

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There has been a rise in the coding platforms that have been driving serious teaching tools and are setting an example for an ed-tech platform.

These platforms are not just digitally inclusive but have terrific concepts that have the potential to bring out the best in the budding generation. From immersive AR to skill-based curriculum and hands-on professional training, here are some of the top Indian edutech platforms for you to explore:

Robotic Works is a Chennai-based online edutainment startup that specializes in providing experiential learning to students between the age of 7 and 17 in the latest technologies like Robotics, Coding, Drone, AI, VR, and everything that promotes STEM education through an AI-powered online learning platform.

SPRW’s AI-enabled Platform guides every student individually with rich animations, real-time concepts, and interactive questions highlighting the real-time progress of the students. In addition to its online presence in 14 countries, SPRW also has 83 branches across 27 cities in India, making it India’s largest network of Maker Labs. The company has also been recognized with more than 35 awards and operates across international borders like Australia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, and Mauritius.

Skill-lync is the ONLY platform in the world that focuses on industry demand job leading courses for Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering students across the world, especially in India. The main focus is on teaching in-depth selective technical skills to non-software engineering students in partnership with leading industry experts including AICTE, a government recognized body.

With special attention to practical knowledge, every student ends up working on projects with the aid of industry-oriented software tools such as ANSYS, MathWorks, Converge, GT-Suite, and many more.

Bambinos is an online platform that is providing courses in the field of extracurricular skills for children aged 3 to 15 years. Their vast collection of courses is based on a defined curriculum that not only helps inculcate new co-curricular and interpersonal skills but also enhances their learning abilities. From skill-building to mental and physical development, It’s a one-stop solution for parents to explore courses ranging from creative, technical, spiritual, and mental development for their children. With a vision to make children future-ready and help them explore their true potential, Bambinos offer a range of almost 100+ courses each designed with a motive to provide quality education irrespective of being locked up at home during this pandemic.

Logiscool is a coding platform that teaches coding as an essential language for kids ages 6 and above. Based on their modular curriculum and education methods the kids associated with them can have a liking towards the subject and can practically use what they learn. Using their proprietary platform, they include university students to educate kids & teens in an inspiring environment.

The first Logiscool started in Budaörs (Hungary) in January 2014 and today they teach in 100+ locations in 16 countries. The number of our schools and students has dynamically grown since then. The registered students are more than 70,000 students.

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