Five ed-tech start-ups revolutionizing robotics in India

The EdTech sector became the highest fundraiser in FY 20-21 with developments and gradual shifts that have taken place in the industry. Robotics and coding are becoming a pivotal part of our day to day life with real time developments and accuracy.

These EdTech platforms have made way for revolutionary ideas.Learning platforms were earlier limited to a certain category of subjects but now go beyond academics and extracurricular. Robotics and coding have gained traction making education fun,creative and more impactful for children, becoming the technological pedestal of online education for our future workforce. Earlier these tech based subjects were mainstream and not a part of the everyday curriculum.These five ed-tech start-ups are revolutionizing robotics in India like never before, where they have made it easy for the children to adapt and learn more efficiently. Not only do children learn more fluently but these platforms also allow them to think and understand the real time intelligence associated with courses.

SP Robotics Works- Founded in 2016 by Sneha Priya and Pranavan, SP robotics is online edutainment platform that provides experiential learning to students between the age of 7 and 17 in latest technologies like Robotics, Coding, Drone, AI, VR, IoT and everything that promotes STEM education through AI-powered online learning platform. SPRW’s AI- enabled Platform guides every student individually with rich animations, real-time concepts and interactive questions highlighting real-time progress of the students. SPRW also has 83 branches across 27 cities in India, making it India’s largest network of Maker Labs. With the motivation to transform engineering and STEM education and ignite curiosity amongst children SPRW is one of the leading platforms in the country with 35+ recognitions across the globe.

Bambinos- Established in 2020, Bambinos is a Bangalore based ed-tech start-up that aims to build an ecosystem of extracurricular learning for children. With a variety of choices, it offers 40+ courses to children between the age group of 4 to 15 years. The courses offered include robotics and coding, where children can learn smartly focusing on developing other skills alongside focusing on the mainstream course. Ashish is the co-founder of Bambinos, who is determined to build a multi-category digital academy for extracurricular learning with a vision to make children future-ready and help them to explore their true potential. The start-up also plans to introduce a number of new courses making the platform more diverse in terms of giving children an opportunity to choose from the best and what interests them the most.

Robochamp- is an EdTech start-up dedicated to introducing kids to early AI education which includes courses like Robotics and Coding. Founded by Akshay Ahuja with interest to provide children in rural India with resources and access to learn Robotics and coding in their own language. The courses are available in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and English, the company will be providing free courses to kids in the age group of six to 17 living in rural areas. The company has decided to enter into the Vernacular segment owing to a sudden surge in the number of inquiries from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India post the launch of its English online courses. With less than a month of the launch of their English online courses, they received 3 million footfalls to their website. Now, with the launch of their Hindi and vernacular courses the numbers are continuously increasing. The start-up has been operating in a B2B offline classroom model and has a successful record in mentoring and teaching early geniuses in the field of Robotics.

Toppr codr- created by the graduates of MIT and IIT includes adaptive and self-paced modules for children to learn coding at home. From basic to advanced level of coding children in between the age group 6-18 are free to learn from on the platform based on their preferences. Toppr being one of the leading learning platforms in the country came up with Toppr codr, as the name suggests which is centric to learning coding for children. Zishaan Hayath, CEO of Toppr said in the world driven by technology it is important for children to learn through the methods of challenging, fun and engaging methods for the future workforce and it is the need of the hour for the pivotal change in the technologically driven industry. It has advanced technologies ranging from block-based to actual text-based coding platforms such as App Lab, Thunkable, Java, Arduino, and React Native along with Python for ML/AI, etc. The venture claims that it is a valuable real-time extension beyond the regular school curriculum, helping bring skills needed to excel in the fourth industrial revolution to the students of K-12 education.

Vedantu Super coders programme- the EdTech start-up co-founded by Vamsi Krishna came up with a separate program specific to coding which is aimed at providing high quality coding programs for kids of 6-12 years of age. With the idea that coding does not only improves a child’s reasoning and problem-solving skills, but allows the mind to develop in a broader way. This program is taken by coding experts in the field of AI and machine learning. The curriculum is divided into different categories for different age groups for a better understanding. These courses also involve a wide range of topics such as creating animations, commercial-ready apps and games, creating advanced games and chatbots using artificial intelligence and Python, IoT and more, where children can choose their preferences based on their interests. It delivers customized learning based on student’s learning pace and has been designed by experts from MIT and IIT, and promotes activity-based learning.

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