Reimagining Gaming: Lenovo refreshes Legion gaming brand

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Lenovo has ushered in a new era for its Legion gaming portfolio, unveiling a power-packed lineup of hardware with stronger processing muscle, that is stylish on the outside, and savage on the inside.

In line with Lenovo’s plans to double down efforts in the gaming market, the latest Legion evolution showcases game-changing designs that are distinctively different from their predecessors and in sync with what gamers today are looking for.

Lenovo conducted extensive research among more than 750 participants from around the world, learning from gamers themselves about their wants and needs to bring them the ultimate gaming experience.

To celebrate the launch in India, Lenovo unveiled the new Legion range in New Delhi, amidst gamers, media and bloggers who experienced immersive gameplay on the stylish notebooks and desktops.

Around the globe, Legion launch events saw excited gamers take on the Legion Mission Zone: an immersive and interactive showcase that took participants on a mission to uncover the Legion brand refresh and new products. Fans could also get up close and personal with the devices at the Legion Evolve Experience Zone, or explore the area completing tasks or quizzes to win unique iron-on patches. Meanwhile, an onsite gaming experience challenged attendees to fight it out on either Counter Strike, Dota or PUBG, while a battalion of cosplayers roamed the floor, ready to ignite the Legion evolution.

Since its launch less than two years ago, Legion has gained a strong fan following, becoming a staple in gaming rigs worldwide and Asia Pacific – cementing itself as the top gaming laptop brand in Malaysia and #1 premium gaming laptop brand in Thailand, which are the two of the largest markets for gaming in the world.

“As the gaming community rapidly grows in Asia Pacific, it is important to cut through the stereotypes to understand what today’s gamer really wants: authenticity and portability. Furthermore, in such a fast-paced environment, devices need to be able to follow consumers wherever their passions take them. It’s no longer about housing the latest-generation specs, but also about having an appreciation for purposeful design that is both aesthetically pleasing yet incredibly functional,” said Shailendra Katyal – Executive Director & India PCSD Consumer Leader.

Specially engineered to address the desires and concerns of today’s gamer, the new offerings answer users’ calls for increased power, portability, customisation capabilities and more. Performance-ready right out of the box, Legion’s expanded range couples top-of-the-line gaming specs with sleek, modern and purposeful design, helping players dominate the competition – and look impressive while doing it.

With the Intel® Optane™ technology, a smart system accelerator that improves the performance and response of PCs through adaptive machine learning, gamers can now launch their favourite titles up to 2.48x faster; load game levels up to 32% more quickly than on other PCs; and rapidly save their progress with up to 2.1x better overall system performance, basking in total uninterrupted gameplay.


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