VAST Data, Vertica Redefine All-Flash Data Lakehouse

VAST Data, the data platform company for the AI-powered world, has announced a strategic alliance with Vertica, the unified analytics platform, to help enterprises consolidate their structured and unstructured data silos to democratize data for real-time data exploration, analytics and insights.

Uniting VAST’s all-flash Universal Storage data platform with Vertica’s analytical database, provides customers with the performance, scale, data protection and resiliency needed for today’s modern and converged data lake and data warehouse applications.

The VAST and Vertica alliance supports the emerging “data lakehouse” model — a fusing of the data lake and data warehouse architectures to function as a one-stop shop for a company’s full complement of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Vertica’s optimized architecture separates the database’s computational resources from the communal storage layer, providing organizations with a flexible and efficient way to scale compute performance independent of storage capacity and to achieve workload isolation for different types of analytics. Paired with Vertica, the disaggregated shared everything (DASE) architecture of VAST Universal Storage allows customers to benefit from real-time storage performance for all their use-cases, ranging from data-warehouse analytics and ad-hoc queries to complex data science jobs.

“The combination of Vertica and VAST Data provides organizations with even greater flexibility when it comes to their data management operations environment,” said Jeff Healey, vice president of marketing of Vertica at Micro Focus. “Now, organizations have even greater freedom to can utilize run in hybrid environments, or they can stay on-premises and still reap the benefits of cloud-native technologies, such as scalability, elasticity and resiliency.”

VAST’s Universal Storage platform, coupled with Vertica’s analytical database, enables:

3x faster database queries. An all-flash object storage platform that boosts database query performance over legacy all-flash NAS systems to reduce latency and accelerate time to insight.
2x better data center density, half the spend. Leveraging hyperscale all-flash storage and VAST’s unique Similarity-based Data Reduction – Universal Storage reduces the amount of storage capacity needed without compromising on performance, optimizing spend and space.
Independently scale compute and capacity. Customers can seamlessly and independently scale Vertica compute-only resources providing greater flexibility and efficiency for evolving business requirements.

Dedicated quality of service (QoS). VAST’s DASE architecture eliminates east-west traffic in scale-out storage to enable composable object storage server pools that allow multiple teams of business analysts and data scientists to work concurrently from a single set of data without performance degradation or resource contention.

A single data lakehouse storage cluster. Consolidating an organization’s data warehouse and data lake storage requirements simplifies management and accelerates data access, while eliminating complex data architectures.

“Organizations across a variety of industries are being asked to do more with their data in less time. They need simple infrastructure that makes this possible, no matter where that data is located,” said Jeff Denworth, VAST Data co-founder and CMO. “VAST’s entry into the Vertica ecosystem allows customers of both companies to benefit from hyperscale flash storage and industry-leading data reduction, unlocking greater operational efficiency and faster performance to implement advanced analytics — at a fraction of the cost of the public cloud.”

The combined solution also supports the rise of dynamic and interactive query jobs to uncover new patterns or insights in real-time to enable hyper-personalized user experiences, whereas previously, queries were batch jobs, such as end-of-the month reporting. This is made possible because all data is in an all-flash, tierless lakehouse architecture, making all data available at any time for every application. Everything is simple when you no longer need to move data across silos of infrastructure.

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