Dell Technologies Summit: Putting Spotlight on Next Data Decade

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Dell is likely to make three big announcements around solutions, infrastructure and social impact at the Summit

Whether it is enabling digital transformation for the enterprise or embracing future-proof network transformation for telecoms – data is playing a critical role for the enterprise, telecoms as well as the SME communities.

Keeping this growing importance of data in mind – Dell Technologies is set to put spotlight on the “Next Data Decade” as part of its upcoming Dell Technologies Summit happening in Austin, Texas during 11th to 13th Nov 2019.

The summit is set to be addressed by Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies, Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Telco and Edge Cloud, VMware, Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman, Products & Operations, Dell Technologies, Jennifer Felch, Chief Digital Officer, Dell Technologies, John Roese, President and Chief Technology Officer, Products & Operations, Dell Technologies among others.

The company is set to highlight its predictions for 2030 and is also expected to make announcements around three important areas of solutions, infrastructure and social impact.

As the enterprise communities look for delivering greater level of excellence towards enhancing customer experience – intelligence driven data handling and better utilization of computing capabilities holds great importance. And in today’s scenario, Dell Technologies presents a unique end-to-end array of products and solutions designed to help enterprise and telecoms communities do more with their ICT footprint and enable a better future.

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