Eazy ERP Drives Business Process Optimization for Kamdhenu Paints

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Kamdhenu Paints is known as ‘Color Dreamz’ & Stemming out of Kamdhenu Ispat Limited, ‘Color Dreamz’ is the paint vertical of this thriving business conglomerate. Launched in the year 2008, this ambitious project of ‘Color Dreamz’ rests on solid grounds of infrastructural and supply chain management. Kamdhenu has set up of Production plant at Chopanki, Bhiwadi of Rajasthan.

Laced with high precision Equipment, this manufacturing unit has an output capacity of 36,000 MT/KL per annum. Kamdhenu Paints is producing products such as , exterior & interior emulsions, cement paints, water based primers, acrylic distempers, synthetic & GP enamel and much more.

Challenge faced by Kamdhenu before getting onto Eazy ERP

Top management of Kamdhenu Group unanimously agreed to a point which says, “No control inventory anomalies, no integration of manufacturing operations between multiple stages, inability to identify best suitable vendor, no optimization in consumption of raw materials, no data security leading to data tampering. Our primary focus was to cut down on our working capital”

Prior to implementing Eazy ERP, the company relied on a home-built application which had many limitations. The algorithms used were not as intricate & as mathematically advanced as some of the fully dedicated software available in the market.

They wanted to know how these products were doing per salesman, town, dealer, branch and state. They wanted to manage both the manufacturing location & the distribution chain. There were also some serious data security issues with this software as any user could delete entries once the invoice was generated.

Common pain areas faced

1. Tracking of inventory status across multiple warehouses.
2. Rejected Stock Report.
3. Maintaining depot stock.
4. Livestock for Batch card creation
5. Material requirement of depot from factory
6. Wrong tax calculation.
7. Heavy Data volume
The Solution Offered by Eazy ERP

Eazy ERP, a highly scalable and modular application provides high data security and real time inventory control. It also supports multiple currencies and features a strong reporting tool.

“We focused on ensuring the solution for challenges faced by the company such as integration, control and transparency. The Eazy ERP modules are closely interlinked with each other so that a small change in one module results in a corresponding change in the related fields of the other modules as well,” says Kunal Singhal, Founder and MD of Eazy ERP.

Sharing his experience with Eazy ERP, Vineet Agarwal, G.M.( Finance & Accounts), KAMDHENU LIMITED said, “We are using Eazy ERP software since 2011 in Paint Division having manufacturing units in Rajasthan, 32 Depots of Pan India and Corporate Office at Gurgaon. Eazy ERP helped us immensely in streamlining material requirement planning, timely procurement & batch production which in turn helped us with better operational transparency. We have managed to decrease inventory, while still growing the business.”

“Scheme management is a good software module which calculates multiple periodical sales schemes in few minutes and dealers are happy because they got schemes’ benefits as per company’s commitment. Management takes fast decision as per market demand because Eazy ERP provided Sales Analytical data. Sales team can compare achieved sales target with actual sales achieved .Online swift sales order processing, sales invoices and Eazy ERP provided good MIS reports,” he also added, “Eazy ERP is a powerful Tally Integrated ERP Solution that uses Tally as an accounting module. Integration of Eazy ERP with the Tally software helps us save time and also eliminates the possibility of human error.”

While concluding, Agarwal also said, “EBS’s ERP Consultants are very knowledgeable and they have always provided us good support. We consider Eazy Business Solutions as our partner than a software vendor.”

How Eazy ERP Works at Kamdhenu Paints

Once the product has been delivered to the customer, the sales person is responsible for collection of payments from the customer and is entitled to his sales commission only after the pending amount is collected.

Using Eazy ERP integrated with tally software a customer ledger can be automatically generated to provide the sales person with an accurate report of the number of invoices due as of date. It is also possible to generate reports on item wise pending orders for manufacture and pending orders for delivery to customers using the Columnar Reporting tool in Eazy ERP, which can dynamically extract data from the database to generate reports in the required format.

“It also provided them a proper tracking report of Batch wise production, consumption & Batch wise costing. Eazy ERP reporting tool provided a consolidated sales & stock report of all dealers & depots. All the inventories are integrated to tally on daily basis. It also provided the facility of automated PO & SO between various depots. Dealers in the smaller markets are now able to connect to the nearest stock keeping units & they can check their accounts & stock status online and can request more products from the stock keeping units. This also helped them to manage the shorter & varied deadlines while filing accounts with local authorities at various national locations,” says Kunal Singhal.

The biggest advantage Kamdhenu drew from Eazy ERP is its capability to forecast demand accurately.

Controlling Return on Investment 

Real time inventory control ensures that production is done accurately and the correct quantity of raw material is ordered at the right price from the right vendor. It also ensures a control over all depots & dealers.

It maintains a proper record of details of the dealers, depots, all stock of materials in depots, damaged stock. It also provided them to automate & web-enabled product requests and invoices. This helped them to integrate with their partners to offer customers turnkey solutions to undertake their paints job.

Tight integration between the various modules eliminates duplication of efforts and a high level of data security prevents data tampering. Customer relationship is stronger just because of Sales module and timely delivery. Reports are generated automatically in the required format.

Securing Data Integrity 

In the earlier system it was possible for the user to delete an entry after the corresponding invoice has been posted leading to discrepancies in the books. There was no system of laying checks and measures to prevent data tampering by the user.

Eazy ERP has predefined access and security definitions that allow the user to only add entries and prevent him from making edits and deletions to preexisting entries once the invoice has been posted. Only the administrator is given the powers to modify security settings and access controls.

Complete view of the data is accessible only to the manager. This ensures that the business process is stringent and streamlined and as a result the auditing process is a lot easier and less time consuming

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