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You must be wondering why is there a surge in old storage tapes in the age of Cloud? Especially considering the enormous growth in data volumes around the globe.

Also, why Storage tapes are considered as an ideal solution for several next-generation applications like Internet of Things, hyper-scale computing, entertainment, cloud storage services, and Big Data?

Further, you will be surprised, but nowadays businesses prefer “olden” method of storing data on tape drives – How? According to Solomon Sukumar, Head – RM & IP Business Fujifilm India.

Recent progresses have caused an exponential increase in the quantity of data generated worldwide. As the use of accumulated big data rapidly increases, so does the need for reliable and cost-effective long-term storage of such data for future use and storage tapes have always been the preferred medium of backing up data permanently.

The benefits have been numerous especially in storing legacy data/archival data – a data which is 10 years old or more. Certainly, saving such data in a disc invites a huge cost unlike the Fujifilm storage tapes where the data can be stored offline without any cost and can be availed anytime.

Fujifilm holding a prowess in the realm of storage solutions have always contributed effectually in the sphere of archival data solutions for various industries and financial institutions. We have been a leader in this industry since long and we look forward to continue contributing our expertise in the same.

We are proud to see that our storage tapes are surpassing the new age drives and how effectually our technology is considered as the safest in saving the archival data. So, Fujifilm has always been ahead of the times with this technology – we are proud to be a key contributor in the evolution of data storage”.

Now Let’s delve how data storage addresses the growing demand for long-term data storage by companies, governments, II Sector, banks and research institutions around the world etc –

Data is Gold

In the present epoch, data has value like never before, and it’s often mentioned to as “the money of the digital economy.” As such an important asset because for effective working of the organisation it’s very important that organizations have workable, economically-sound strategies in place for data backups, disaster retrieval, and archiving. More than before, now brands rely on the data. Often, it’s a business’s data—and how well it is used—that differentiate one business from another. So, valuing the trending strategies – it is important to adhere to the old cassette format to keep yourself forward whist keeping the data in place.

Effective Data Management

Management of exponential data growth continues to be one of the great challenges for businesses, IT managers and others. They finding the data management difficult in light of shrinking IT budgets and environmental concerns. However, Tape storage tackles the challenge in meeting the data in a substantial way while achieving a maximum storage capacity of 30 TB (12 TB of uncompressed data), or twice that of the previous version (LTO7). For instance –

The Magnetic Tape FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 8 Data Cartridge is better than hard disk storage and often faster than the cloud. This open format for this magnetic tape is highly multipurpose and used most extensively around the world. `.

Fujifilm has also been striving to address the need to store and manage constantly increasing volumes of data by presenting effective data management that is setting a benchmark for computer data storage, professional video production and TV broadcasting. Whether recording dramatic footage or safeguarding corporate data, Fujifilm is striving to assure reliability for effective data management backed by strong innovation.

Safe and Cost Effective

With recent virus and malware threats, tapes have also become the cheapest way to protect data on a threat-capable media and store it at an off-site location. Further the reason is that there is an enormous amount of data nowadays that incessantly consumes electric power and huge amounts of energy, resulting in hazardous impact on the environment and functioning costs.

And so, the magnetic storage tapes, as a means of addressing these issues, have been considered as a lucrative option. It is safe, low-cost, energy-saving recording medium for long-term data storage. Also, it allows offline storage with minimum risk of data damage or loss. For instance- Financial services organizations face exceptional challenges when it comes to shielding their data. Between massive data growth, budget limitations they need scalable, cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that make it easy to store, protect and access data.

Progression in the Tape Technology

Magnetic tape has been around since the early days of computing. This long occupancy has obstructed tape’s image over the years. So, the emergence and aggressive marketing of new storage technologies has increased the demand too.

But tape technology has advanced, and substantial investment continues to be made in tape storage technologies. Unlike before magnetic tapes have more storage than before and these tapes are highly multipurpose and used most extensively around the world. Thereby this progression has led to an increase in the demand.

Long Term Perspective of Preserving Data for Future

Magnetic tapes can address needs from a long-term perspective as their storage capacity continues to increase into the future and there is really low risk of data loss too. Also, Magnetic Storage tapes preserve Data for Future Generations due to an upsurge of the cloud, IoT, and AI across business sectors for preserving digital content and which leads to increase in data.

These tapes are designed in such a way that there is less data loss. For instance – Fujifilm tape like 3592 Tape Cartridge has an exceptionally smooth surface that assures improved head contact and minimal spacing loss and which why data can be preserved for long and thus can be preserved for future.

Leverages advanced technologies

The demand of Magnetic Data is increasing in manufacturing process of IT Industry. Magnetic Tapes, tackle the test to enable Smart Manufacturing by actively leveraging advanced technologies.

Also, the magnetic tapes help in Developing a Coating Process for Manufacturing Next-generation Products. In the coating process, magnetic particles in the form of liquid that functions as the recording layer are applied on the thin base layer at a high speed and dried. To enable high-quality magnetic tapes, a control of the magnetic particle alignment is essential since well-aligned particles allow data to be stored in higher capacity as well as reducing data noise.

Reliable – Tested with time and experience

Magnetic tape has been used for data storage since the 1950s. Though it’s been overshadowed by machineries focused on high-performance needs, however again we continue to see emerging use cases where tape offers the impeccable solution for some puzzling storage trials. Also, Fujifilm is revamping their storage strategies for some reasons, contributing to the resurgence of tape. It has already created a benchmark with each new generation of LTO tape technology having the native transfer speed have almost doubled,

Thereby with increase of data – and the up-surging use of big data – The tape industry has recognised the ways of meeting data challenges by realising on how to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Similarly, Fujifilm aims to protect irreplaceable data for future and is determined to play the key role in continuing to support the technological breakthrough in the data tape technology.

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