Jabra, Innova form Joint Venture in India, Plan Expansion of Operations

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Today, Jabra has entered into a strategic joint venture with Innova Telecom Pvt. Ltd (Innova) acquiring an additional 46% of Innova bringing their share to 51%. The company is also planning to expand its operations in the country.

It may be recalled that Innova has been distributing GN Audio’s flagship brand Jabra in India for over a decade. The new strategic partnership will be named “Jabra Connect India Private Limited” (Jabra Connect) and Rajesh Ghei – current CEO and founder of Innova – will continue to lead this successful company as CEO of Jabra Connect, which has today around 120 employees across 9 offices.

“The strategic partnership strengthens Jabra’s presence in India and brings us closer to our customers. It is our ambition to become the vendor of choice and this is a step in the right direction on this journey as we look to grow our market shares. With this partnership in place, we will be expanding our operations from a present 9 locations to 25 locations in India, within three years.

Through this partnership we would be able to leverage Jabra’s global strengths, product line up and brand value with Innova’s strong position in this market. We are very excited about seizing this unique opportunity and laying a strong foundation for both our futures.

Innova Telecom has had a significant growth rate in the past years. By joining formally with Jabra, we intend to further strengthen their presence by building a true national sales & support network – creating even more value for customers and making Jabra Connect their number one choice” says Mark Leigh, President, Asia Pacific, Jabra.

Rajesh Ghei, founder of Innova, also believes that this strong strategic partnership will benefit the customers:

“This strategic partnership with Jabra is aligned to our vision of being the largest audio solutions distribution company in India. We believe this joint venture will be a huge catalyst in growth for both the companies through best in class products and innovative customer centric services. This will create immense value for both our customers and colleagues who have been true partners in growth during all these years.” says Rajesh Ghei, CEO, Jabra Connect.

Jabra launches Biz 1100 for India and for the world from India

To further celebrate Jabra’s deep dedication to the market in India, Jabra now launches a new headset designed for emerging markets and Call Centers and Call Centric use –

Biz 1100. The product is tailormade for India market with the following key features:

· Tough design that can survive use all-day, every day

· Affordable, entry-level model for the contact center

· Professional sound with noise cancellation for noisy environments

The MSRP for the Biz 1100 range will be from US$50 to US$65 ex GST and will be available in India from 20th May 2018

Biz 1100 Duo

Biz 1100 Mono

Furthermore, Jabra launches a new e-commerce portal in India making it possible to provide Jabra’s state-of-the-art headsets and Consumer headsets to every corner of India

The portal www.jabra.in will be accessible in the next 45 days for shipping across India. The products will be shipped by Jabra connect in India and would include the complete portfolio of Jabra products including Enterprise and Consumer products.

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