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Chennai based Information Dynamics is focusing its efforts around verticals such as Shipping & Logistics, Retail & Distribution, Travel & Airlines and Transportation and serving not only India but overseas customers as well. The company has embraced cloud infrastructure with the help of Oracle and is achieving greater level of success with its digital first strategy.

Information Dynamics has experienced huge spike in demand that shipping and logistics providers had to manage in a very short time, and this is where a robust cloud infrastructure is helping them transform into digital-first businesses – and deliver much needed business agility to become truly future-ready.

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Selvakumar T, Director, Information Dynamics speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s journey towards growth and how robust cloud infrastructure is key to achieve greater level of success.

How has the logistics industry changed over the years? And how is technology enabling this change?

The pace of evolution in the Logistics Industry has accelerated, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Emerging/disruptive technologies are now being extensively used to automate industry processes and drive increased productivity. Some of the recent trends include the Uberization of Freight, Freight Marketplaces, Innovations in Last Mile Delivery, Community Logistics Hubs, Mobility enablement, Wider Integrations of Systems (Cross-Entity), Comprehensive Usage of Robotics and AI to automate processes and optimize costs.

How do Indian companies compare vis-à-vis JAPAC peers with respect to new technology adoption?

Indian logistics companies are more open to try out new technologies – provided there is a strong business use case and a very good success hypothesis. Automation/RPA, AI/ML and analytics and IoT are increasingly being used by Indian logistics providers of late.

What are your key focus areas for business? What’s the USP of Information Dynamics?

We primarily focus on 4-5 industries in depth: shipping and logistics, travel and transportation, retail and distribution. We help organizations in these industries enhance their digital agility and improve business productivity with our industry vertical specific solutions. We thrive on our strong customer focus, qualitative approach coupled with delivery of solutions/services on time aligned to the budgets.

How are you tackling the challenges posed by the pandemic?

Fortunately, we have always had a strong digital focus, which helped us tackle the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic. Having the right technology partnerships in play is therefore something we don’t compromise on at all times.

Why is cloud infrastructure key to your business growth?

We saw (and are continuing to see) the huge spike in demand that shipping and logistics providers had to manage in a very short time, and we are closely working with these providers to help them transform into digital-first businesses – so they can be more agile and future-ready. And for this, a robust cloud foundation is necessary. A modern, secure cloud infrastructure not only helps us remain agile, it also helps guarantee high performance, best TCO and advanced security to our customers.

What are the key reasons behind selecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) over other cloud providers?

We tried and tested a number of leading global cloud providers, but were very impressed with Oracle’s highly secure, second generation cloud infrastructure. With OCI, we have gained increased flexibility, ease of auto-scalability, predictable/transparent pricing and extreme performance. We have seen 2x improvement in application performance and 30% cost savings vis-à-vis our previous IT setup. The OCI team continues to work very closely with us, from cloud enablement to helping us achieve cloud success.

Please share details on your innovation roadmap and growth priorities for the next 12 months.

We currently have a strong focus on India, Middle East and Africa. We plan to expand our presence in North America in the next 12-18 months.

From a technology innovation perspective, we aim to enhance focus on Automation, Analytics, AI/ML/Data Science to help our customers to get faster, deeper insights and translate that into better business decisions, performance and future-proof their organizations.

Zia Askari
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