Infinigate Strengthens Cyber Solutions with CYREBRO’s SOC Platform

CYREBRO, the only interactive SOC platform solution for SMBs, has announced that Infinigate, Europe’s largest purveyor of cyber security solutions, will be using CYREBRO as its SOCplus within a streamlined security operations package for its MSP and MSSP customers.

Infinigate is partnered with thousands of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) in the EU and, with this partnership, is blazing a new path toward making mature security operations as readily available to every organization that requires it, just as the advent of cloud-based services transformed how email is managed and delivered throughout the past decade.

Hundreds of additional M(S)SPs in Europe are poised to adopt the SOC platform with this agreement in place. Infinigate could enable its partners to rapidly pull ahead of their North American contemporaries with ready-to-use security operations for every client.

CYREBRO’s SOC platform enables organizations to take a proactive position toward cyber threats and achieve an overall more stable posture by combining all security functions with 24/7/365 strategic monitoring, proactive threat intelligence, and forensic investigation capabilities. It achieves this without requiring sophisticated and expensive operational overhead, and delivers world-class security to any organization at scale.

“Infinigate is leading the way toward better security at scale,” said Nadav Arbel, CEO and co-founder of CYREBRO. “Very few people host their own email anymore and the same will be true for security operations within a few short years. A SOC platform generates enormous downstream potential for MSPs and MSSPs while safeguarding

Andreas Bechtold, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at the Infinigate Holding AG, stated “CYREBRO’s SOC platform is instrumental to deliver SOCplus to our MS(S)Ps clients. It dramatically reduces the cost of security operations and scales for the SMB market, which has been underserved by existing security operations solutions. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for our partners to generate new revenue streams and offer differentiated services for customers of all sizes.”

CYREBRO is technology agnostic and utilizes its proprietary detection algorithms to surface intelligence from across all existing security solutions and business environments. It delivers monitoring, analysis, and interpretations of events with context to help security analysts make the appropriate decisions. It also supports cloud applications that reside outside of the confines of the controlled corporate network to safely enable remote workforces. CYREBRO delivers visibility and understanding across platforms, with guidance for every incident response and a complete context of events.

CYREBRO’s popularity is growing rapidly within the SMB market, which has an unmet need for a SOC as a platform that’s easy to implement and cost effective instead of being directed to host and manage complex SIEM/SOAR implementations that are a costly endeavor and resource intensive. CYREBRO also has enterprise customers ranging from international financial institutions, technology development companies, national power and gas infrastructures, private offices, hedge funds and more. It’s a flexible, comprehensive, and intelligent platform for organizations of all sizes.

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