“Our Cloud-Native Infrastructure Solutions will Help CSPs Offer Augmented Services”: Dell

Keeping in mind the growth opportunities in the telecom space and the fast emergence of 5G, Dell Technologies is positioning its innovative set of solutions that can guarantee unique value addition for the Communication Service Provider (CSP) community.

Saurabh Tewari, Director & Chief Technology Officer (Telecom), Dell Technologies, India speaks with Zia Askari from ChannelDrive.in about how the company is looking at targeting the telecom space and how it is going to bring value for its channel partners.

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How goes Dell Technologies look at the present scenario in the telecom space? What are some opportunities and areas where Dell Technologies will be focusing?

The telecom space in India is at a revolutionizing stage. The adoption of 5G technology is on the rise, with technology and communication providers focused on its rapid deployment. The rollout of the 5G services in India will be a massive step both in terms of digital transformation for the country and for economic development. The technology will redefine the way we communicate, will generate a wealth of opportunities for improvements in public safety, enhance transportation services, and online government services, amongst others.

For Dell Technologies, the current scenario is quite promising. There are a lot of opportunities available for technology providers to develop and offer telecom solution providers with new-age solutions that are agile in nature and help them roll out 5G services across the country. We see huge potential here, and keeping the same in mind, have recently launched new infrastructure solutions, services and an open ecosystem of partners, to support telecom operators to build modernized networks, unlock innovation and create new revenue opportunities. These solutions will enable our customers to unleash the power of new-age telecom technologies and serve their customers. 

Please share your comments on the current 5G and connectivity landscape in India?

Currently, we are witnessing an increased amount of conversations around 5G technologies in India. The 5G set-up in the country is at a nascent stage, with multiple experiments/testings being carried out by telecom solution providers. As this trend continues to gain prominence, the vision of a fully 5G enabled India, will become a reality soon.

Additionally, with the majority of the world working remotely, the need for uninterrupted connectivity has taken the driver seat. Adoption of enhanced bandwidth will decrease the time taken in processing and analyzing data.  

We already have a lot of vendors catering to the needs of service providers, CSPs and carriers. How is Dell Technologies going to position itself in the telecoms space? How will Dell Technologies be different here?

With the launch of new-age innovative technology solutions, we are offering an enhanced experience to the telecom solution providers. By providing an open, cloud-native approach to our operators, we are enabling them to move closer to the notion of 5G becoming a reality, and offer them next-generation networks that create more opportunities.

The new telecom solutions from Dell Technologies are designed for the unique requirements of the telecom industry. Communication service providers can use these new solutions to embrace software-defined industry standards, simplify integration and management of data at the edge and capture new revenue opportunities. Our solutions are positioned to help CSPs transform their businesses —backed by its industry-leading IT infrastructure; secure, global supply chain; and IT services with more than 60,000 dedicated professionals and partners in more than 170 countries.

Please share details on new telecom solutions offered by Dell Technologies?

We, at Dell Technologies, have always strived to understand the difficulties customers are facing and the challenges that lie ahead for telecom operators. Hence, we have come up with new cloud-native infrastructure solutions that will help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) offer augmented services to their customers, allowing them access to seamless high-speed connectivity. Enabled with Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11& XR12 ruggedized edge servers, these solutions will further make operations efficient and cost-effective.

We also have onboard Project MetalWeaver, which will make expansion across multiple geographical locations easier for telecom operators to provide 5G network services remotely.

How will the new networking solutions help customers achieve an end to end system integration?

These new solutions will offer customers a wide array of applications, built on open network platforms. Along with this, they also provide the ability to stitch in multiple IT aspects that act as a catalyst for rapid deployment of high-speed networks. Additionally, through end-to-end system integration, we aid our customers to move to a cloud-native platforms that deliver optimal performance while improving security, eliminate vendor lock-ins, simplifying management and adding efficiency.

How will the cloud-native infrastructure help customers simplify and accelerate network deployments?

We have recently launched a cloud-native network infrastructure foundation with a full stack of open, scalable carrier-grade server and software solutions to simplify and accelerate network deployments. With the help of Dell Technologies validated reference architectures, CSPs will be able to deploy full-stack telecommunications solutions which are offered by partners, inclusive of VMware and Red Hat with ease. This cloud-native infrastructure solution offers customers consistent, agile way of deploying new services. Additionally, the solutions will help with lower operation costs, enhanced operational efficiencies, openness to innovation, faster service creation, and more opportunities for automation.

We have also included Project Metalweaver, through which we utilize this cloud-native infrastructure, to support the need of our customers to scale across geographies. Project Metalweaver will allow CSPs to easily select, autonomously deploy and manage thousands of compute, network and storage devices across multiple locations. Moreover, with the new IT infrastructure, CSPs can simply deploy and manage globally distributed 5G networks with telemetry streaming for performance management and predictive maintenance, backed by Dell Technologies global support and services.

Dell Technologies is known the world over as a partner first organization. How will Dell Technologies drive partner success in the telecoms space?

At Dell Technologies, we have always tried to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions while keeping our customers and partners at the centre. We constantly engage with our partners to support them and ensure that they face no disruption while further serving their customers. In the same way, as we launch the new telecom solutions in India, we will continue this practice and ensure smooth navigation, now and in the future.

How many telecoms focused partners and SIs will you be working with? What are your plans to further strengthen channel strategy in this space?

We have a designated team of partners to serve and enhance the expectation our customers possess. Our partners are well versed with our offerings and post analysing our customer requirements, offer them a customized set of solutions, to establish their telecom business.

We believe, that regularly educating our channel partners will help in further strengthening our channel strategy. This will not only help us in establishing ourselves as a preferred technology partner, it will also empower customers with information regarding recent technologies available for their business growth and development.

Zia Askari
Zia Askari works as the Editor for ChannelDrive.in and carries over 18 years of experience in technology writing, branding, communications and digital marketing. Over these years, Zia has worked with Cyber Media and Grey Head on the content side and RAD Data Communications, Huawei Telecommunications and Shyam Networks on the branding and marketing side.

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